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5 iPhone Apps for Charity That Make the World a Better Place

iphone apps for charity

iphone apps for charity
Technology is continually creating new features and applications for smart devices. From travel apps to health apps, the selection is practically endless. But perhaps the most appealing are iPhone apps for charity.

There are five outstanding apps for the iPhone whose primary purpose is to make the world a much better place. Here they are.

1. MobileCause App2Give
If you want to help charities or other good causes, then you’ll want to find an app that suits you best and what you’re able to give. This nifty little application will take you through the basics.

This charity app divides worthy causes into three general categories: religion, cause, and education. The app is designed for those who wish to help but have no idea where to start.

2. VolunteerMatch
Many people really don’t have money to donate. For them, VolunteerMatch may be the best way to go. The app connects people with organizations that need volunteers in areas of special needs as well as religiously affiliated charities. There’s always a great need for volunteer workers in many of these areas.
iphone apps for charity
3. Donate Lives
Charitable giving doesn’t always involve money, goods, or services; sometimes it simply involves dedicating your life. This outstanding app helps you to identify locations where you can register as an organ donor.

4. Real Miracles
This is one of the most well-designed apps around. It also has a solid reputation, which is something most people look for in a charity organization.

When a charity has very good standing, you can be assured that your money is going toward a good cause and not being wasted or sucked into a scam. This app is unique in that it provides pictures, videos, and news stories to explain what the charity is all about.

This application provides gamers the ability to play games to support a cause. THRED teamed up with Coca-Cola and RED to set up a way for a charity to benefit from avid video game playing. Every time a gamer wants to purchase another life or power-up, the proceeds go to global HIV funds in Africa. This cause is specifically targeted to eliminate mother-to-infant transfer of the disease.

These free applications provide a doorway for those who wish to help others. The world can truly become a better place if we all pitch in and help when and however we can.

Images via Australian Charity Guide and The Guardian

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