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Thanks to our busy working lifestyles, time is now a precious commodity, with so much of it wasted at work. Pointless meetings, sitting in traffic, scrolling through repetitive emails – work can often be a time-consuming and laborious task.

Here are five iOS apps to help save you time at work.


productivity appEmail spam is an increasing issue in offices, and there are few tasks more irritating than opening your inbox on a Monday morning to find 97 unread emails.

So much time is wasted by sifting through pointless email chains, and as a result, there are a variety of apps that have been developed to streamline this process. Dispatch is an interesting option, as it essentially treats your inbox as a to-do list.

You can quickly sort emails through a variety of options, including archiving with Evernote or sending mail to other apps such as Pocket or Fantastical. Dispatch is a particularly good tool for people who are task-oriented and really helps to prioritise important messages.


ios appsWhile in the future you might be travelling to work on 700 mph trains or in automated floating pods, at the moment the morning commute is usually a slow affair thanks to traffic jams and delayed transport systems.

While you’re waiting for flying pods, consider downloading ETA, which is a useful tool for combating the delays associated with commuting by keeping you on top of current goings-on.

With this app, you can monitor live traffic conditions and access updates on public transport times and delays. The app is easy to use with a simple interface and helps to save you valuable time during busy commuting hours.


Managing your list of contacts is increasingly difficult across multiple platforms, making it a pain if you need to find someone you met at a conference 9 months ago.

Brewster brings your various contacts together from disparate platforms, including LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, and email, collating them in one place. This app features real-time updates, meaning that all contact info should be up-to-date.


ios productivity appRescueTime is one of the best time-management tools on the market, as it shows you exactly where every hour is spent. Unfortunately, this app isn’t out yet on iOS, although the company hopes to release one soon.

In the meantime, there are various alternatives worth considering, such as Harvest and Tick, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for the RescueTime iOS release date.

WebEx Meetings

There’s no getting round it – meetings can be a real drag. Many hours have passed by in meeting rooms, with very little being achieved.

While there is no technological way to improve the quality of meetings, Cisco’s WebEx Meetings app is a useful tool that enables you to quickly join in meetings on the go, allowing you to attend meetings without having to sacrifice time spent elsewhere.


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