3 Working Methods to Hack WhatsApp Account Without Target Phone

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People want to access someone’s WhatsApp account for various reasons. Some of them are parents concerned about the safety of their children. Reportedly, 90% of students in grades 4-8 are bullied by their peers. This situation prompts parents to monitor their children’s messages, calls and social media activity to make sure they are safe. Others want proof of their spouse’s infidelity. And a third group of people want to monitor their employee’s work to ensure that no sensitive information is shared through WhatsApp messaging. 

       Hack With a WhatsApp Spying App

The most undetectable option for accessing someone’s WhatsApp messages without the target phone is professional WhatsApp hacking apps. These applications work in the background, gather the information from the target phone and transfer it to the third party. Thus, besides the WhatsApp messages you can also hack your target’s Gmail, monitor the phone calls, track the location and social media activity. 

Please note that spy apps can be used both legally and illegally. As a parent or employer, you have the right to install the app on your children’s or employees’ phones to monitor their WhatsApp communication. But illegal use is considered a felony, which can lead to jail time for several years. So, make sure you use the spy apps correctly to stay out of trouble. 

      Hack With WhatsApp Web

Accessing someone’s WhatsApp account using the web version may not be the best hacking method. Whenever you sign in to the WhatsApp web account, it will notify the target phone of the access. And they can break the connection at any time. In any case, despite the complexity, accessing someone’s WhatsApp account through the web version is the most effective option.

  • Launch WhatsApp on the phone and go to Settings, then choose WhatsApp Web
  • Launch a browser on your laptop and visit the website of WhatsApp Web
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the screen with the camera of the target phone. You’re in!

     Hack WhatsApp Account With Phone Number 

The third option on how to hack WhatsApp without access to target phone is using a phone number. As you know, all WhatsApp accounts are connected to a phone number. So, if you create an account by linking it to the same phone number as the target phone, you will be able to receive their WhatsApp messages. But for this hacking technique to work, you need to access the target phone at least once in order to enter the authentication code.

If you can’t physically access their phone, then you need to use various tricks. For example, you can call them, pretend to be a security specialist on WhatsApp and ask them to tell you the code they just received. The trick doesn’t always work as people are well aware of the scam these days, but it depends on how persuasive and confident you sound.


All these three methods can effectively help you hack someone’s WhatsApp account and go undetected. All methods are equally acceptable if you are a parent or employer monitoring your child’s or employee’s WhatsApp messages. But you must be careful with illegal use to avoid trouble.


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