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Top Five Free iPhone Apps for Job Searching

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Whether you’re looking for a job as part of a New Year’s resolution, because you want to earn more money or simply because you can’t stand your boss, job searching in 2012 is going to be tough.

Thankfully, those many kind folks over at technology-r-us have come up with a host of excellent iPhone apps designed to help you on your way to employment. Here are our top five that we think you should try if you want to get ahead in the cut-throat game that is job seeking.

Career Builder

Career Builder Free App

This one’s worth a mention if only because it was the first of its kind. Although the latest update has not been well received (many users report that the app frequently crashes, although the makers are there to help users experiencing issues), Career Builder still stands as a thorough and user-friendly addition to any job search.

As well as the ability to search through around 2 million jobs located on, the accompanying application allows you to apply for roles, receive suggestions on suitable openings and save ‘favourite’ roles so it’s easier to return and apply later.

Job Compass

Job Compass Free App

This is a simple, easy to use application that finds your location for you and then reveals roles within your area.

Whether you’re searching in your home town, on holiday or even on route to an interview, Job Compass effectively uses GPS to bring job searching straight into the 21st Century.

Career Bliss

Career Bliss Free App

Although this app can currently boast only a 2 star rating on itunes, this shameful figure is in fact due to functionality issues rather than a problem with the content of the app itself – a hiccup that the app’s makers state has been fixed in the latest update.

What lies underneath a previously problem application is an in-depth resource of information that differs greatly from, yet complements very nicely, more conventional job search applications.

Not only does Career Bliss allow job seekers to search through over 3 million vacancies, it also enables users to access invaluable independent company reviews and benefit from knowledge and advice from career advice experts.



An application designed to link freelancers with firms looking to outsource temporary or one-off roles, BusyBee is ideal for anyone who strives to a more flexible approach to their working life, or who simply wants to complete the odd job in order to supplement their income.

As well as incorporating instant chat, BusyBee allows you to search for freelance roles or workers within your location and even enables users to build multiple profiles in accordance with differing skills or needs.

Interview Buzz LITE

Interview Buzz LITE

A little piece of genius for anyone who suffers with a bout of nervousness in interviews (that’s all of us then); interview buzz gives anxious jobseekers access to over 50 common interview questions, along with suggested answers.

The app also allows users to input and save their own answers, save important questions for later and read invaluable interview tips such as do’s and dont’s and even how to tie a tie.

In the ‘not quite free’ application library is interview buzz PRO; containing over 300 interview questions and answers for the modest asking price of 99 cents.

And finally…

Remember that if you’re determined to find a new job, job searching (especially in 2012) is a job in itself.

Ideally you want to set yourself goals and targets: i.e. to spend an hour a day searching for jobs, two hours applying for jobs, and an hour practicing for interviews.

Don’t forget that despite how easy some of the above apps might make applying for your dream role, sending your application is not as simple as hitting a few buttons and waving goodbye to your CV.

If you want to stand out you need to write a brief yet convincing covering letter (simply, you need to outline why it’s you they want for that role) and you need to tailor your CV accordingly to each specific job.

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