Should I Use the Default Apple Mail for Mac?

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Apple Mail is the default email app that comes pre-installed on any new Mac PC. While it’s fine if you just want to send and receive a couple of emails every now and then, Apple Mail is notoriously basic, especially for power users who use their email app constantly throughout the day for professional reasons. 


If you’re someone who is constantly wasting time trapped in your Apple Mail inbox, you may want to consider changing your default Mac email client to a third-party client that can help you get more done in less time.

Is Apple Mail Really Bad?

A quick Google search pulls up endless threads on different Mac forums about all the problems people experience with the Apple Mail app on their Mac devices. From extremely limited search functionality to delays in emails appearing in your inbox, there are many ways the default Mail app can hurt your productivity.


If you rely on email to receive important information from clients or team members, you can’t afford to be notified about an email late or waste tons of time trying to find an old message that you need to refer to. That’s why most Mac users end up switching to a different default email app for Mac.

What’s the Best Email App for Mac?

Of all the email apps for Mac out there, our favorite right now is Spike email. Spike is the world’s first conversational email app that turns messages in your inbox into chat conversations. That’s right, if you’ve ever wished emailing was as easy as instant messaging, you’re in luck.


Spike works with any existing email account you may have, including Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo!, and IMAP email addresses. Using Spike on your Mac device is as easy as visiting the website, downloading the desktop version of the app, and signing in with your email address. 


You can even sync multiple emails to Spike to centralize all your email communications in one easy-to-use interface.

What makes Spike email for Mac so great?

First and foremost, Spike’s conversational email completely transforms your inbox experience. Gone are the stiff formalities and long, repetitive email threads. Emailing in a conversational, chat-style format is as quick and natural as sending an instant message via a team chat app.


Spike also provides a variety of ways for you to organize and manage your inbox views. For example there’s the priority inbox feature, which automatically hides promotions and notifications, so you can focus on what’s most important.


You also have the ability to view your inbox messages grouped as chat messages according to person or subject, or you can see them in a traditional inbox format. If you ever have trouble finding an old message, Spike’s advanced search functionality lets you layer multiple filters together, including keywords, senders, and subjects, to find exactly what you need, fast.


All of these features and functions alone would be enough to make Spike our preferred default email app for Mac, but there’s much more packed into this sleek email app.


Besides conversational email, Spike provides a range of other built-in ways to communicate, including group chats, video meetings, voice messages, and cloud-based notes with integrated sidebar chats.


There’s also the project management side of Spike — built-in collaborative notes, tasks, and to-do lists turn your email client into an all-in-one workspace for connecting, creating, and collaborating more efficiently.


We can’t emphasize enough how important having an email app that does more than just send and receive emails is for productivity. 


When you’re using up to dozens of different apps to perform different activities throughout the day, it’s easy for your workflows to get bogged down. But, with an app like Spike, everything you need is right there at your fingertips. You can quickly go from messaging back and forth in an email chat window to holding a video meeting to updating your team’s tasks.


Reducing the number of apps and tools you need to get the job done is one of the biggest productivity hacks for accomplishing more in less time this year.


Spike is available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, and there is also a browser version, so you can access it across all your devices to stay connected, no matter where you are.

How To Change Your Default Mail App on Mac

If you’re ready to switch your default Mac email app, follow these simple steps:


  1. Download and install the other email app.
  2. Open the Apple Mail app.
  3. Select Mail > Preferences from the menu.
  4. Go to the “Default email reader” menu and select the new email app you want to use.

In Conclusion

Apple Mail is a fine basic email client for Mac, but it doesn’t do anything to boost your productivity or improve the way you communicate. In fact, if your inbox is a particularly busy place, using such a basic email app can actually hurt your productivity.


That’s why you should consider using an alternative to Apple Mail, such as Spike, that is designed specifically with productivity, communication, and collaboration in mind. Doing so will help you reduce the number of apps you need to get things done and put you back in control of your time.


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