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LastPass Finally Available as Standalone Mac App

LastPass Mac App

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LastPass Mac App

We all know that thing called security, which requires us to choose strong passwords, different passwords for each account, as well as remember all of them. While that would have been a relatively easy thing 10 years or so ago, with the number of online accounts the average person has today, remember all those passwords would be no mean feat. Unless you’re gifted like that.

That’s why password management software like LastPass is so popular. All you need to remember is one master password, and you can forget everything else. You can even generate ultra secure passwords – and not worry about remembering them (which is virtually impossible anyway).

The thing about LastPass is that you can only use it when you’re online. You either have to login to your LastPass account on your web browser or use the extension/plugin.

Well, at least that used to be the case.

Yesterday, LastPass finally released a standalone Mac app, which makes it even more useful. Instead of having to rely on your browser, you can use the app to manage all your passwords. It will still sync all your passwords and autofill data across all devices as well as the ability to enable multifactor authentication, which allows you to lock down your LastPass account.

The LastPass Mac app is free to download, just like it is free to create an account. The premium membership option is still there, of course, for added features.

While LastPass is rather late with this launch, it’s still good news for long-time users. And if you’re still not using a password manager, then it’s time you do.

You can get the LastPass Mac app here.

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