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Review: iProcrastinate

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Looking for a calendar/task manager for your Mac that’s both intuitive and attractive? iProcrastinate is a solid choice that just happens to be free.

Developer Craig Otis came up with this smart app that’s available for both iPhone and Mac (an iPad version is coming soon), and syncs wirelessly between them. Let’s take a look at the Mac version.

Put simply, iProcrastinate has everything you want in a to-do list/calendar, and nothing you don’t. Plus, it’s a small window in its default size, taking up very little real estate on your screen.

Adding an item to your list is as simple as clicking a “+” button, and then typing it in on the main screen. And if that’s all you want it for, then you’re good to go. But if you want to dive into customization, that’s just as easy. You can create any number of categories you want for various parts of your life, such as school, work, home, family, friends, and so on. For every task, there’s a side panel where you can list out specific steps to accomplish that task, as well as a pane for listing files on your hard drive that you’ll need for the task.

There’s also a calendar mode that shows your monthly grid and what tasks are listed for each month. You can set tasks for a specific date (though there’s no function for exact times), whether it’s a single event one that repeats, and its priority level. You have the option of including a note about each task (which I suppose is where you could note times of the day if needed). There’s also a “Star” function, where you can mark tasks that are extra important or timely, and then you can refer back to those at ease with the Star tab.

Syncing with iPhone takes place with the click of a single button, though it only works over your own Wifi network. If you want to sync while elsewhere, you’ll need to use Dropbox.

All in all, iProcrastinate is a very nice app that the average user will be able to find plenty of use for.

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