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“I’ll have the…no that fish is poisonous…wait that one is endangered,” said the knowledgeable seafood customer. The waiter was most impressed with the respectful way in which the seafood connoisseur conducted business, and the result was that the customer enjoyed the succulent Caribbean spiny lobster, that had been flown in from Florida.

If seafood is a part of the every day, every other day, every week, or every year’s diet, than the “Seafood Watch” App is an absolute must have. The application is free for the iPhone, and makes purchasing and eating food from the sea a whole lot easier!

For those who have been disappointed with the flounder that was brought to the plate looking a little like an oil spill, “Seafood Watch” helps to insure a tasty and healthy meal. Upon opening the App it locates the user’s location to determine the best seafood available in the area. Then an entire list of every seafood imaginable is alphabetized, and can be looked at as easily as scrolling through the Contact list in the iPhone.

Each fish, crab, lobster is given in detail, including where they were bred or caught which is essential in getting healthy tasty specimens not full of iodine, or worse. The App also says which Chilean sea bass is an endangered species, or which flat fish are becoming endangered (because of the long amount of time it takes them to mature). The premature fish is not necessarily always a tasty fish either.

“Seafood Watch” is a unique guide to being a responsible, healthy and satisfied seafood customer. There is also a button to press to switch the guide to sushi for another amazing insight listing.

Grade: A

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