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Get A Mac Ads: Is “Mac” Getting Soft?

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Like Michael, I also dig Apple’s new Get a Mac ads. I think it’s hilarious the way John Hodgman and Justin Long personify “PC” and “Mac.”

However, I tend to think the ads stereotype the Mac and PC (and the users of each platform) too much. While number-crunching and “serious” work are the forte of the PC and creative stuff is the Mac’s realm, I can say that in very capable hands either platform can perform very well.

That aside, I have a disturbing observation on the latest set of Get a Mac ads. Is Mac getting soft? And is this indicative of Apple’s positioning or business plans in the near future (read: are they going the MS/Windows way)?


getamac-counselor-1-youre-a-wizard-at-numbers.pngIn Counselor, Mac tells PC, “You’re a wizard with numbers. And you dress like a gentleman.”

PC compliments Mac for being creative, but kind of snaps back. “You’re better at the creative stuff … even though it’s a juvenile waste of time.”

Okay, what was that all about?

But then again, it’s all about body language. And PC is quite the jittery, nervous guy here. He’s obviously on the defensive. Still, I asked myself, why are they in counseling in the first place? Is Mac reconciling with PC? What were the writers thinking?

Self Pity

getamac-selfpity-sitdown.pngBetter Results is standard Get a Mac fare, with Mac trumping PC at what he does best–multimedia apps (he gets to get the girl, while PC gets a burly cross-dresser). Nothing here for me to write about, folks.

The last video, Self Pity, is the one that caught my attention. PC is obviously on the losing end, with Mac–in the big boy clothes–gloating about how he does “work stuff,” too. He tells PC, “I’ve been running Microsoft Office for years!” and “There’s plenty of work out there for both of us.”

Granted, the ads are meant to attract people on the PC side into switching, and stressing that Macs also runs Microsoft Office can make a decision towards that easier (after all, users would have no problem moving their documents to the Mac). But why particularly highlight Microsoft Office instead of the Mac’s other productivity applications–many of which are built-in?

Do recall that continued development of Office for Mac was one of the concessions Microsoft gave Apple during the legal battles relating to the Mac GUI in 1985. And Office may just be the strong hold Microsoft still has over Apple.

Apple just called its own Macs juvenile time-wasters on Counselor, and practically praised Microsoft on Self Pity, not to mention saying the world is big enough for both PC and Mac. Am I missing something here?

Or maybe I’ve had too much coffee.

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

11 thoughts on “Get A Mac Ads: Is “Mac” Getting Soft?

  1. I’m not sure of the percentage of MS’ shares, but they did bail out Apple in its time of trouble. Anyway, the ads are Mac vs. PC but not necessarily Mac vs. Windows.

    And Office for Mac rocks, I agree. I never went back to using Office on my Windows machines when I started using Office:Mac.

    It’s just that Mac does, indeed, seem to be less snarky these days.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, MS owns 15% of Apple, so they probably have leverage to make Apple talk about MS Office. Also, everybody (on PCs that is) uses Office, so making sure they know they can run office on a mac also is important.


  3. MS made a $150 mil. investment in Apple at a time when Apple had $3 billion in the bank. MS *did not* bail out Apple. It was a psychological and symbolic boost for Apple at the beginning of Steve Job’s return to Apple.

    In the time since then, MS has since sold off its interest in Apple.

    Apple talks up Office because it is the industry-standard for office productivity software. If Apple wants in to enterprise computing, they have to play by the rules, and that means make nice with Office.

    And yes, Mac Office is much better than Office for Windows.

  4. If Mr Mac just said “Listen, you suck” it isn’t being polite. Sneaky argueing is funny and better at portaying a point, as you do not seem agressive and angry.

  5. And yes, Mac Office is much better than Office for Windows.

    Not anymore, Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus 12 whips Microsoft Office for Mac’s ass! :p

  6. Figure it out–Macs are being positioned to teenagers who will soon have money from their own job to go out and buy a new Mac every 20 months! It’s like Coca-Cola–they don’t exactly pitch the stuff to 30-somethings.

  7. man you really do take life FAR to seriously. for example: take a deep breath, stop giving a shit, get more coffee into you.

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