3 Hilarious new “Get a Mac” Ads from Apple

indextop20060501.jpgI love these “Get a Mac” ads. I can’t help it. I know some people find them pompous, but these three are hilarious – and they make me proud to be a Mac user.

The first (and weakest) of the three, Counselor, has the duo trying to work their differences out with a counselor…the second, Better Results, features a beautiful woman as a Mac Home Movie, and a guy in a dress as a Windows Home Movie (not ENTIRELY true, but still funny)…and the last of the three (and the one with the biggest “chuckle” of the bunch) is Self Pity, where our little Mac dresses up like a business man (“What’s with the big boy clothes?” says PC – and comedic genius – John Hodgman ) and shows off his Office running capabilities.

Click Here to check them all out.

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