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Battle Bears – Get into iPhone’s Bear Wars Game

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Stranded behind enemy lines the player must hold off the swarming attacks of the Huggable Bears’ battalions! The cute pink devils look to hug Oliver, the player/Teddy Bear, to death.
The “Battle Bears” game is on sale for 99 cents, for the holidays, and a free version is also available to start repelling the menacing hugs immediately. Both versions are addictive and fun. The App is an outstanding graphic achievement, and is also funny as hell.

In order to fight off the ruthless hugging armies Oliver uses his rifle and crossbow to blast off the horrid pink heads, spilling their rainbow blood. The player fortifies himself behind sandbags and resumes a position taking down the enemy as they make their approach over the surrounding hills.
This game is a must have! The sound, visuals and gameplay offer a “Call of Duty”-like experience. The command center even radios in orders to stay put and vanquish the Huggable Bears, before an extract point can be made to get Oliver out of enemy territory. Before he can leave, the colossal bears, varying in size and numbers, must all be destroyed; this feat then unlocks new weapons, like bazookas and chainsaws.

When the music blares and the onslaught of dozens of humorous pink bears get close, Oliver can tap the screen to aim with one thumb and tap the screen again with the player’s other thumb to easily send piles of bodies flying through the air in the nick of time.

Grade: A

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RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

One thought on “Battle Bears – Get into iPhone’s Bear Wars Game

  1. Hello, I am a fellow Battle Bears player from 2 years ago, I have converted many to the ways of battling the “soft and cuddly” pink teddy bears that want to hug the life out of all bear kind. I really used to love this game, and I want to play it again, but I’ve recently upgraded from an iPhone 3 to a Galaxy S4 and the Android market doesn’t seem to have it on their store. I was wondering if there were any way that you could put the game on the Android market and send me an email when it is done?

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