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AT&T Allows VOIP Over 3G For iPhone!

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A miracle has happened! AT&T has announced yesterday, October 6, 2009, that they will be allowing VOIP applications on the iPhone. Soon enough, iPhone users will be able to make calls using VOIP over the AT&T 3G network using their iPhones.

That really took me by surprise as most telecom companies consider VOIP as the devil. Making calls using VOIP normally don’t use up the minutes of your phone plan so that would be less income for the telecoms from my understanding. Especially if iPhone users are using Wi-Fi network, then they can pretty much consider their calls as free phone calls.

Let’s see how this will fare AT&T. I’m guessing they’ll have an influx of subscribers who will want to take advantage of this privilege. I hope AT&T will be prepared.

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