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Apple continues its trend of releasing products every Tueday so far this year today by releasing the all new Aperture 2. The price on the new version has dropped to $199, with the upgrade costing $99. Adobe’s competing product, called Lightroom, is currently at this price point, but the two have been dueling back and forth, so that could change soon.

New Features include:

*Quick Preview mode — ‘for rapid-fire photo browsing’
*re-engineered database for the application to allow Quick Preview touted to be snappy even with half-million-image libraries.
*an all-in-one heads-up panel for Library, Adjustment and Meta-data controls.
*a selection of new tools: Recovery for blown highlights, Vignette & Devignette, Definition , Vibrancy and Repair and Retouch
*.Mac Web Gallery integration
*and ‘All Projects’ view, not dissimilar to iPhoto ’08’s ‘Events’ view
*improved RAW decoding

You can find more information about it here.

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