5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac in 2020

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It can get frustrating to lose or accidentally delete important files, especially if these were essential to a business to operate, resulting to lost money. Well, if you have kept those files for years, it hurts just the same, right? The good news is that Mac has readily available, improved data recovery software tools that are made for users to easily recover their lost files. Check out the best picks for 2020.

1. iBeesoft Data Recovery


Available for all kinds of Apple devices, this software has successfully helped more than 2 million users to recover various types of files without the worry of needing to expose any personal information. Mac data recovery has never been this convenient, as it with iBeesoft, the following scenarios are covered:

  • Recover deleted files
  • Formatted drive recovery
  • Emptied trash recovery
  • APFS data recovery

Developed with outstanding technology, this app supports numerous file types to recover deleted photo from Mac, and even audios, videos, documents, archives, etc. Here are some of the key features to look forward to:

Two Scanning Modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan

The Quick Scan is the faster means of recovering files. It usually is successful in restoring files you have just deleted. A Deep Scan takes longer and digs deeper into the files that can’t be recovered by the Quick Scan.

Import and Export Scan Results

This import and export scan features allow users to save time to scan over and over again every time the same file gets deleted.

2. Disk Drill


Known for having the complete package, available for both iOS and Android devices, Disk Drill gets the work done easily. It works well whether you try to recover files from internal or external devices. These free, key features make its use even more efficient:

Extra Disk Tools

Losing files may have been caused by being quite disorganized, do you agree? Disk Drill considers this and this is why they have provided extra disk tools to help users keep their files more organized and protected. To name a few, they offer the Disk Health, Mac Cleanup, and Duplicate Finder.

Scanning in One Click

In one click, data recovery is possible for this software. This makes the process easy for any type of user and at the same time, entails cost savings as users are able to eliminate the need for more professional or advanced apps.

3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


Another good option for data recovery is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Opting to use the free version will allow you to recover about 2GB of data. Of course, this increases when you try out the paid versions – Pro or unlimited.

As it works well for both internal and external drives of an Apple computer, you are sure to be able to easily recover images, videos, documents, and music in no time.

4. M3 Mac Data Recovery


I know it can be troublesome once you’ve emptied that Trash Bin. In this situation, M3 Mac Data Recovery doesn’t disappoint as it is able to effortlessly recover files through its Quick and Deep Scan modes. External recovery should also not be a problem for this software as it works well with USB flash drives or even SD cards.

The free version though only allows users to recover about 1GB worth of data. So if you lost more than that, you may need to invest a little more for a standard, professional, or technical edition.

Here are some of its key features:

  • It supports encrypted AFS volumes
  • It offers two scanning modes: Quick and Deep Scan
  • It allows you to preview a file before recovery

5. Recoverit Data Recovery


With 17 years of existence, this software tool will never go wrong and has surely proved its worth for millions of Mac users. Whether it be a deleted Trash bin, disks problems, or virus attacks, Recoverit will work efficiently. Just like other software tools, this caters to almost all supported devices and file types. What makes it even more reliable is its 3-step recovery process which allows an easier means of restoring data.

Well, you can’t really expect much capacity from its free trial version, but surely you’ll enjoy some key features like how it previews files before recovery.

Wrapping Up

Well, there is really no need to panic as even if we’ve listed 5 of the best, there are actually more to the list, in case these didn’t satisfy your needs. Are you finding it hard to decide on what to use? It helps to dig deeper into each of these apps and see how each could be of benefit considering what you’ve lost, how much you’ve lost, and the budget you have should a free trial be insufficient.

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