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Not a lot of people would think that an iPad wall mount is a necessity. However, it does help a lot if you want to go hands-free while doing other activities. It can be especially useful when you want to watch videos while working around the kitchen. Of course, it would be great if the wall mount can also charge up your iPad, but right now, the wall mounts available in the market aren’t capable of this yet.

As such, place your iPad wall mount close to an electrical socket so it’s easier for you to juice up your iPad’s battery life. So, it’s best to get an iPad wall mount that has the right ports so you can charge your iPad while it’s sitting on the mount. If you’re on the lookout, here are some great options to choose from.

Bentley Mounts Universal Tablet Wall Mount

The Bentley Mounts Universal Tablet Wall Mount can accommodate any iPad that has a size of up to 11 inches. The mount itself can extend up to 12.5 inches from the wall. It features a swivel arm so flexibility won’t be an issue. This also allows for better viewing options. It’s easy and quick to install. Made with durable aluminum and plastic, this wall mount is surprisingly lightweight.

Beelta Tablet Wall Mount

A wall mount that will stand the test of time is the Beelta Tablet Wall Mount. It’s constructed with thick gauge cold rolled steel so durability and strength are its main selling points. This wall mount comes with a lockable enclosure so you can keep your iPad safe from theft. In addition, you can also choose between portrait and landscape mode when mounting the device.

Durable Tablet Holder Wall/Cabinet Mount

If you want a wall mount that can also be used on tables and counters, the Durable Tablet Holder Wall/Cabinet Mount would be just the right fit. It can hold up tablets like your iPad with a size of up to 13 inches. This wall mount features an aperture in the holder to make sure that there’s room for your charging cables. Its holding arms are also lockable so you can keep your iPad secure.

CTA Digital Premium Wall Mount

The CTA Digital Premium Wall Mount is a heavy-duty accessory that also features a locking enclosure for your iPad. It’s designed to be flushed against the wall so it’ll look clean and neat. You can choose from portrait or landscape mounting based on your needs. This one also allows for interior cable routing and is compatible with the iPad Mini.

elago Home Hub Tablet Wall Mount

Made with silicone lining, the elago Home Hub Tablet Wall Mount can protect your iPad from scratches and bumps. It’s also designed so that it’s quick and easy to mount and remove your iPad from the container. This package includes all the necessary screws and plastic anchors to securely but easily attach the mount to the wall. You can attach it to your kitchen, bedroom, and even your bathroom wall.

AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount

The AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount is a versatile accessory that enables users to use their iPad hands-free. Its bracket holders are padded with rubber to ensure proper handling and fit for your device. You can tilt this bracket horizontally and vertically, depending on what view mode you want. In addition, you can also switch between small and big holders with a quick push of a button.

IPORT LAUNCH (LaunchPort) WallStation iPad Mount

This WallStation iPad Mount is made with alloy steel, so it looks and feels durable and sleek. What makes this wall mount special is it’s only one of the few that offers contactless inductive charging. This means that you can charge your iPad using this dock wirelessly. Aside from the wall, you can also install this in your car and directly wire it to a 12V fuse circuit.

Dockem Koala Wall Mount 2.0

The Dockem Koala Wall Mount 2.0 can be set up in two ways. You can opt to go damage-free and use 3M Command Adhesive strips, which are already included in the package. On the other hand, you may also choose to anchor it up with the included screws for more heavy-duty usage. It’s also designed to have accessible ports so you can charge your iPad while it’s mounted on the wall.

Barkan Fixed Tablet Wall Mount

Lined with silicone strips, the Barkan Fixed Tablet Wall Mount can hold your iPad firmly in place while it’s charging. It offers 360-degree rotation so you can leisurely watch videos while doing other activities. This wall mount is designed for low-profile wall installation so it doesn’t ultimately stick out like a sore thumb.

Adhesive Rack Wall Mount Universal Dock

The Adhesive Rack Wall Mount Universal Dock is made specifically for convenience. No matter the location or the device, this dock should be able to accommodate your needs for hands-free usage. The two separate brackets that it comes with can be adjusted to suit the type of your device. It comes with 3M adhesive tapes so they won’t cause any damage to your wall.

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