35 (mostly) Essential Apps for your Mac

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I don’t link to a lot of lists, but if you’re a new Mac user (and I know a few of you are), then you’ll probably want to check out this list from Freelance Switch.com. Some of the apps listed are redundant, and others will not apply to you if you’re not self employed, but there are still quite a few apps on the list worth checking out.

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  1. Try GideonSoftworks’ Jotter (https://www.gideonsoftworks.com/jotter.html)! The best scrap text manager I could find – easy non intrusive, drops down from the menu bar and autosaves. Things from CulturedCode seems good as a GTD app – but omnifocus seems very cluttered and messy – unlike their stellar omnioutliner, omnigraffle and omniplan.

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