2G iPod Shuffle Clips Easily Bent?

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bent-shuffle.pngA member of the Apple Insider forums writes that his second-generation iPod Shuffle’s clip was bent when he stood up from a seating position with his shuffle clipped to his watch pocket (yes, that’s what the fifth jeans pocket is called).

“Today I was wearing my iPod like the picture on Apple’s [iPod] shuffle page. When I stood up, I heard something falling on the ground. It was my shiny new iPod,” he wrote. “But no big deal I thought — until I picked it up. The clip was bent like a piece of cardboard, and is impossible to get straight again.”

The damage to the shuffle’s clip had no affect on the user’s ability to play and listing to music, but as he points out, Apple developed the player to fit precisely into its accompanying docking station, which the bent clips now prevents.

This is reminiscent of the first-gen iPod nano’s tendency to scratch easily and even have its LCD easily crack. I was thinking of getting a new shuffle for myself, thinking it would be sturdy enough for my needs. But with news like this, I’m thinking Apple had better improve on this new design first.

[via Apple Insider]

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4 thoughts on “2G iPod Shuffle Clips Easily Bent?

  1. This happened to me today. In fact it was worse because where this guy’s clip just bent, mine completely snapped off so now my shuffle is in two parts. Same as this dude, I wasn’t doing anything unusual, just had it clipped to my jean’s pocket (not even the coin pocket) and was jamming out.

  2. this same thing happened to me this afternoon during lunch period at school. >:( I had it clipped to my coin pocket and sat down at the lunch table with my buds(friends and ear buds {kinda funny/ironic}) and went to put the buds up my sweatshirt sleeve to listen to it during algebra (reaaly easy course for me know everything from this class had it as an AP class in 8th grade) and when I took the ipod off the pocket I noticed the clip was bent. I thought and said: “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME!!!!!??” my pal goes; “what?” i said; “look at this F***ing thing!!” it not even bent in a straight line!!
    SEE; | |
    | / | |
    | |

    luckily, one of my friends was able to bend it back by simply applying alot of thumb pressure and bent it back mostly. there is still a dent in the clip but luckily it’s on the side opposite the jack (side with swithches) and the little bit of the clip that extends past the hinge on the shuffle switch side is bent up toward the body. it doesnt open quite as wide as it used to but that doesnt really matter any more since i won’t be clipping it much after this incident.

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