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Got a new MacBook for Christmas? Or maybe you’re simply looking to beef up the software you have on your Mac. Whatever the case may be, here are some must-have software for Mac. From password managers to security & VPNs to note-takers, we’ve got you covered.

1. 1Password

It’s troublesome to remember and keep a note of all your passwords especially if you consider all the new software, accounts you’ve signed up to. 1Password will come in handy as it allows you to easily store your details and passwords, and access those sites in just a click. It’s the easiest, yet most secure way, to store and share your logins. Not to mention, this software is now widely used and trusted by big businesses as it enables them to keep thousands of their employees secured.

2. CyberGhost VPN

With the growing number of users and demand for online activities and transactions, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little more to ensure extra security. One way to do this is by having a VPN in place. If you are at a loss on what to choose, CyberGhost is a recommended Mac VPN software known for its safety and security, reliable service being enjoyed by over 30 million users worldwide.

3. Airmail

If you send out or receive hundreds of emails a day, it would be nice to have a uniquely-designed software to cater to your needs. You can always opt to go for the free mail app that comes free with the Mac iOS, but if you have a little more budget to spare, the Airmail will be the perfect choice for you. Enjoy its multi-account feature which allows you to add as many email accounts as you want, of any type. With the smart inbox, you will not have to worry about your email getting flooded with promotions or newsletters as this software automatically filters those out, leaving you only with the important messages.

4. Things

Are you always the organized type? With that new device, you wouldn’t want apps, tasks messages to be all over the place. With the all-new Things, you’ve got an award-winning personal task manager. You just have to love the way it’s all presented. Its minimalist design makes users find it very simple and easy to use. Exploring its features, you’ll see that more than its minimalistic presentation, there are a lot of advanced tools to enjoy. Perfectly made for a macOS desktop, you will surely get the most out of its functionality and design. If there is one software to prioritize, this should be it. First things first, save all your appointments, input your daily tasks, and sync them all to your iPhone and iPad app.

 5. GoodTask

Are you the type to forget all your reminders when you’re away from your desktop which lists them down? GoodTask allows you to access all your reminders in one place. Integrating it with Reminders means being able to sync all tasks to every device that you have, making you informed any time of the day, anywhere you are. It’s feature-rich and customizable which allows you to enjoy the software even more.

6. PDF Expert 6

Annoyed by the way you handle your PDF files at present? PDF Expert 6 is known to provide the ultimate PDF experience. Being the top 1 paid app, surely this is one buy you will never regret. While on the go, you are able to edit, sign documents, jot down notes and important reminders, and even sketch, paint, and draw. Not to mention, reading has never been this enjoyable through its Pick Day, Night, and Sepia viewing modes.

7. App Cleaner

This software is a must for any Mac user. Starting off with the App Cleaner is a practical choice as it’s free but does not disappoint in ensuring that your device is maintained in top condition. Note that a regular desktop maintenance routine contributes to a longer lifespan and avoids unwanted viruses and malware.

8. Pixelmator

Can’t live without Photoshop? Pixelmator will bring you a whole new experience. With its powerful features, you are able to edit photos in any way you want whether it be related to color adjustment, retouching, or enhancing overall quality. And how can you say no to its full collection of vector tools? You wouldn’t even notice that you’ve been editing the whole day. Make the most out of the latest update and go for the Pixelmator Pro 2.0.

9. Evernote

App integrations, document scanning, web clipper, rich notes – these are just some of the main features you can enjoy with Evernote. You will never worry about forgetting any important reminders, guides, tasks when you have Evernote to help you out. Its search feature allows you to find what you need in an instant. Its customizable layout and formatting tools will allow you to use it your way.

10. F-Secure

For ensuring cybersecurity, F-Secure will be the best go-to software. Developed to be used for both personal and business purposes, you are confident to have that protection that is fit for your needs. From ensuring online privacy to preventing cyber-attacks and email threats, F-Secure has covered all these through its wide variety of cybersecurity solutions.

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