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Two mugs of foaming draughts clink! Frothy cold beer spills down arms in celebration, as “Free Fallin’” careens from speaker to speaker in the lively pub. Cheers are passed on and on. But wait…a toast!

The “Toasty!” App for the iPhone is a free program that could not better simplify the spur of the moment toast. Turn on the application and a picture of a glass emerges. Shake the iPhone and two glasses meet with a clink magically giving the owner information pertaining to the current day in history.

As the vintage wine casks are unearthed, the malt whiskey poured on rocks of ice and the foaming nectar of beer flows, someone must rise and give the infamous toast. For this monumental task, that is commonplace and tradition at many weddings or bars across the world, the speaker, man or woman, must have ingested some alcohol to enable the courage to speak to one’s loved ones on the biggest of stages.

As the blood becomes intertwined with the drinks, the memory of a public sentiment can quickly flee one’s train of thought. What does one say then? Well use “Toasty!” to get an instantaneous to “Toast because… On this day in 1707, the first meeting of the Parliament of Great Britain took place.” Wow! Continue to ramble on in intelligible mumbled bursts from that point on, but after giving a candid reason to start, one cannot help but look ingenious.

Grade: A+

A Toast! App
A Toast! App

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