What to Do When Your iPhone Keeps Restarting

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Among the most common problems you might encounter if you own an iPhone is random restarting. There’s a number of reasons why this happens such as a bad update, unstable driver, and hardware problems. Your iPhone can keep restarting either intermittently or continuously. The solution to this constant rebooting varies depending on the situation.

First Situation: iPhone Keeps Restarting But Goes to Operation Interface

Does your iPhone keep restarting but still enters the operation interface? It means that you can still enter your passcode and see all the apps on your phone before it restarts again. If so, consider taking these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Update Your Apps

One of the usual causes of random rebooting of your iPhone is outdated apps. To resolve this issue, make sure that all the apps on your iPhone are updated to the latest version. Go to the App Store and head on to the Updates section. This can be found on the bottom left corner of the screen. Simply select “Update All” to update all the apps on your iPhone.

  1. Uninstall Faulty Apps

Sometimes, there are specific apps that cause your iPhone to keep restarting. It isn’t that these apps aren’t updated to the latest version. There just must be something with its software that is in conflict with your iPhone, which makes the latter restart constantly. Remove these apps until new updated versions of them become available.

  1. Update iOS

If you just updated your iOS to version 11 or 11.1.2, you’ll notice that your iPhone keeps restarting every few minutes. Thankfully, Apple has released a new iOS update that fixes this issue. Simply update your iPhone to the latest iOS version, which is iOS 12, to resolve this problem.

  1. Reset All Settings

If updating all your apps and even your iOS still won’t stop your iPhone from frequently restarting, consider resetting all your settings. Doing this takes care of system settings malfunction. You can accomplish this by going to your Settings app and tapping “General.” Choose “Reset” and tap “Reset All Settings.” Because this is a big change for your iPhone, you may be prompted to enter your passcode.

Second Situation: iPhone Keeps Restarting without Entering Operation Interface

What if you don’t even get to the operation interface before your iPhone restarts again? It means that your iPhone is stuck in a restart loop. Consequently, you won’t be able to utilize any of your apps to fix this issue. Here are some steps you can do to resolve your problem:

  1. Hard Reset

When an iPhone keeps malfunctioning for some reason, one of the most effective ways to rectify this is through a hard reset. Doing so usually fixes a lot of issues including the iPhone restart loop. How to hard reset your iPhone depends on the model you’re currently using. After a hard reset, check if your iPhone still keeps restarting, but hard reset should do the trick.

  1. Take Out SIM Card

This may come as surprising but there are times when the SIM card may actually be the problem causing your iPhone to reboot. The issue lies with the iPhone connection to the wireless carrier. To fix this, simply take out your SIM card and try restarting your iPhone. If it works, you can just put the SIM card back in.

  1. Clean Charging Port

Believe it or not, but charging ports and earphone plugs may also cause your iPhone to keep restarting. This may be due to electrical connection issues caused by lint or dust in the port or plugs. Simply clean these with a toothpick to ensure that there are no blockages causing connection problems.

  1. Check Battery

If you notice your iPhone restarting when you charge it, chances are that the problem lies with the battery. If it’s already worn out or damaged, it can cause your iPhone to keep rebooting. This is especially true if you’re using an older iPhone model. You can also try charging your iPhone with the original cable to make sure that the cable isn’t the issue. If your iPhone still keeps restarting, you might have to consider having the battery replaced.

  1. Restore to DFU Mode

You can also try putting your iPhone into recovery mode. If it still doesn’t work, you can opt to restore your iPhone in Device Firmware Update mode. It’s a special restore that you can do as a last resort if all other methods don’t work. Just make sure that all your essential data are backed up before you perform this.

If you’ve tried all of these proposed solutions and your iPhone still keeps restarting, it might already be a hardware issue. Should that be the case, you can’t really do much to fix it. The best thing to do is to contact Apple Support and let them handle your iPhone problem.

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