So…that whole “bricking” thing didn’t last long…

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This weekend, Gizmodo had several posts on how to unbrick your iPhone. This coming less than 48 hours after they threw a hissy fit and decided to tell the world not to buy the iPhone because of the fact that Apple plugged up the hole.

If you’re looking for a way to get your iPhone working again – that link should do it.

Still, I have to say – I’m officially done with this war between Apple and the hackers. I find the attitudes of the hacking community a little…hmm…annoying might be the right word. The main issue I have, is that they act like the world is this gaint open source community, and the only people that have ever closed something up are Apple. I’m sure I’m over stating that – but I really can’t express to you how tired I am of reading people talking about the fact that Apple doesn’t go out of their way to keep running “disgusting”.

Car bombs are disgusting. A country that kills homosexuals is disgusting. Apple closing up their own product is…inconvenient at best.

Can you tell a woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

To all of you that bought iPhones to use on other network – I sincerely hope your purchases haven’t been for nothing. I hope that your phones continue to work…but I’m not pro hacker.

Am I an Apple fanboy for it?


I don’t think the Xbox360 should be modded so you can play illegal games on it either.

Think what you will.

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9 thoughts on “So…that whole “bricking” thing didn’t last long…

  1. Err! Err! Err!

    It just makes me soooo mad!

    If you want to hack it to make it do what you want, fine. That’s your prerogative. It’s your phone, you paid for it. But you have no rite to bitch about Apple for stopping you from doing it.

    While we’re at it….I can’t believe all these car manufacturers are putting in all these anti-theft devices. They are making it harder and harder for me to steal cars!! Sounds silly right?

  2. I agree with you completely!

    I can’t stand that everyone thinks it’s their god-given rite to mod the iPhone in any way they see fit. It is a propriety device, not an open source device, or a computer. Apple can do with it whatever they like, and no one has a say in the matter.

    As soon as everyone found out that it had OS X on it, they all thought “Cool, I bet I can put my own stuff on it”. Guess what? You can’t, and you shouldn’t. It’s annoying that everyone is bent over it.

    If I was Apple and I invented the coolest device on the planet, do you think for a minute that I’d let every little 15 year old with a hacker tool of an app ruin my good thing? No. Do you think I’d let all those hackers install apps that could impact/jeopardize the integrity of my wireless network? No. Do you think I’d let all those little hackers find ways to exploit the device for illegitimate means, i.e viruses/malware? No. If I was Apple, I’d have the iPhone locked up tighter than it could get.

    It’s a phone, people. A phone! (…and an iPod. Maybe a PDA by some stretch of the imagination.) It’s not a laptop, it’s not a computer!


  3. I agree, as well. I am very tired of hearing about how horrible Apple is for “killing” 3rd party applications. Maybe they just patched a security hole and that hole just happened to be the one that hackers were using…

  4. Yup I agree with you here. Apple has made a reasoned business and technological decision for closing the phone. Subsidising it to keep the price down, and maintain control over software means they can control the software integrity and stability.

    Sure, go ahead and mod it, make changes to it, its up to you. But don’t bitch about it when Apple warns you not to mod it, and that they’re not responsible for bricking it. I mean seriously, you took that risk when you went down that road.

    I’ve unlocked my phone (live in Australia) but I tried to avoid installing 3rd party software and modding the existing software, particularly stuff like Summerboard. Because I’m trusting Apples stability stance on this one. I’ve played with Palm and Windows Mobile, where the software I install really plays havok with stability and battery life.

    And I’m not stupid enough to start updating my software until I’m sure that its safe. And I know that I won’t be able to get all the benefits of new firmware updates right away. I’ve perfectly accepted these circumstances. Some don’t, and if they haven’t, then they shouldn’t have bought an iPhone and hacked it in the first place.

  5. I agree completely.
    I actually love seeing what hackers can do (positively) to systems, including the TiVo, PSP, Xbox, iTunes, etc.
    What I get tired of is the false sense of entitlement the Apple hackers seem to have that other hackers don’t; for some reason Apple’s hackers think Apple should be somehow recognizing and rewarding their efforts. Other hackers have no such illusions, and don’t give a shit what the company they are hacking thinks-they just want to explore and change things, regardless. The company changes things? They adapt. Without the whining.

  6. Yes, car bombs are disgusting and a country that kills homosexuals too. As is ANY country that kills innocent people (such as hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq who are dead as a result of the U.S. invasion). Apple’s desire to keep the iphone locked down is nothing in comparison, but blind obedience to Apple’s ways is not a totally innocent path either.

    It’s a tired discussion already, but not for those who are sitting with ibricks regardless of their stupidity (or not as apparently there have many problems with totally legitimate uses). Have a little sympathy, even if you’re good and haven’t done anything with your phone. What’s the big deal either way?

  7. Oh please. Once you buy something, it is yours to do as you will. If your hacking bricks the iPhone then that’s your own monkey fault for messing where you shouldn’t. But for Apple to release an update that appears to deliberately render useless hacked phones is completely out of order. If you don’t want people hacking your technology, don’t release it to the general public, especially when you’re tying someone to a contract with a company whose practices are as morally questionable as AT&T’s.

  8. No,

    Apple should definitely let 3rd party apps run on it. It’s an awesome little computer.

    How about Java? Why wouldn’t Java work? It’s a sandbox.




    But I do agree that they should all stop whining. Apple said “web apps only”. It’s not like they didn’t have advance notice.

    NO whining NO


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