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Should You Use a Charging Case for iPhone 11?

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It’s common nowadays to always bring a battery pack with you wherever you go. Depending on how you use your iPhone, its battery life can get depleted in less than a day. That’s when battery packs come to the rescue. Bring it out, connect your charging cable, and your iPhone can get juiced up while you’re on the go.

However, carrying a separate device just to have a longer iPhone battery life can be such a hassle. In addition, you also have to bring a separate cable just for that and it’ll have to stay connected to your device while charging. It’s not really that convenient when you think about it.

The Best iPhone 12 Mini Case With Card Holder

Enter a charging or battery case. It’s basically an iPhone case and a battery pack rolled into one.

Now, your iPhone can stay protected against scratches and bumps while also charging at the same time. If you want something more convenient than always lugging a battery pack around with you, then a charging case would definitely be a great solution. Admittedly, this will add weight and thickness to your phone, but that’s a trade-off you’ll have to make, and it might prove to be a good one in certain circumstances.

Apple thought of this idea too (of course) and launched its own Smart Battery Cases. While it’s great that you have this option from Apple, it can also be limiting in terms of colors and design. In addition, not everyone likes the look and feel of the Apple Smart Battery Case. If you want more options for your iPhone 11’s battery case, here are some choices worth looking into.

Mophie Juice Pack Access

The Mophie Juice Pack Access is a battery case that’ll give your iPhone 11 that extra boost in battery life when you need it. The case itself provides easy access to your device’s lightning port so you can still talk on the phone while charging. Its capability to charge wirelessly is what makes it so convenient to use. This case is designed with a tough exterior so your iPhone 11 will be well-protected, too.

Casely Power 2.0 Charging Case

Casely offers different types of iPhone cases for you to choose from. Their Power 2.0 Charging Case is their battery case version, perfect for people who want convenience without compromising design. It comes in several looks, one of them being this Sunflower design. You can choose from multiple colors and aesthetics to suit your style. Now, you won’t have to settle for dull, bulky battery cases thanks to Casely.

Volt Wireless iPhone Battery Case

Although a little bit on the pricey side, the Volt Wireless iPhone Battery Case is perfect for people who want a more premium battery case. It has a matte black finish and looks sleek and stylish. You can charge your iPhone 11 and this battery case at the same time thanks to its dual charging feature.

Plus Cases iPhone 11 Battery Case

The Plus Cases iPhone 11 Battery Case offers 160% more battery power to your iPhone 11. You can take calls or listen to music through your headphones while using this battery case to charge your iPhone. The case is designed with a soft silicone frame and a hard shell protective case to ensure that your iPhone won’t sustain scratches and bumps. This one comes in red and black.

NEWDERY Battery Case

The NEWDERY Battery Case can provide 5000mAh to your iPhone’s battery life once it’s exhausted, which is one full charge. This case has an LED indicator to let you know how much more juice it has with just a press of the button. You can control when to start and stop charging your iPhone. It’s also certified by CR, FC, and RoHS.

DESTEK Battery Case for iPhone 11

Built with magnetic metal, the DESTEK Battery Case can attach to a magnetic car mount if you have one in your car. It also supports Apple Pay so that’s pretty convenient. You can charge them both using one charger, but the iPhone 11 will take precedence. Despite carrying a battery inside, this case is surprisingly lightweight and slim, which makes it extremely portable.

OMEETIE iPhone 11 Battery Case

The OMEETIE Battery Case can extend your iPhone 11’s battery life by 120% thanks to its 5000mAh battery. It’s easy to install too – just slide your iPhone 11 into the case and that’s it. The case itself doesn’t look too bulky and it’s extremely easy to use. Just press the power button for a few seconds and it’ll start charging your iPhone. You can also charge both devices simultaneously.

Luxy Lemon Ultra Battery Case

Another battery case worth checking out if you’re particular with aesthetics is the Luxy Lemon Ultra Battery Case. Similar to Casely, this one also comes in several designs so you can pick one to suit your style. It’s slim and lightweight so you won’t get that common bulky look and feel. You can get a 6000mAh battery from the case as well as full border protection.

Exgreem Ultra Thin Battery Case

The Exgreem Ultra Thin Battery Case utilizes Grade A+ batteries that have been certified by CE and RoHS so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to quality. Your iPhone 11 will certainly be protected against short-circuiting, overcharging, and discharging. The case is made with an elastic soft material so your device won’t get scratches during installation and while charging.

Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case

The Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case is compact and comes with a 5000mAh battery capacity. What’s great about this case is it supports Qi wireless charging so you can charge both your iPhone 11 and this charging case on any wireless charging pad. It’ll begin charging your iPhone first then proceed to charge the case itself. You get a 1-year warranty with this one too, so that’s a plus.

Neway Battery Case

While it doesn’t support Qi wireless charging, the Neway Battery Case is still a good option if you’re looking for one that’s slim and lightweight for your iPhone 11. It also doesn’t hurt that it comes with a 6200mAh battery capacity and is easy to install. Its cycle life is more than 500 times so you can use it for a pretty long time, too.

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