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Google+, in case you didn’t know, is the new hotness. Some reports are saying that as many as 25 million users are already signed up with Google+ and adding it to their daily social media routine. Still a far cry from Facebook’s millions and billions (or whatever), but if you’ve got an iPhone and want to play around with G+, today’s your lucky day.

Download Google+ for iPhone here. It’s free.

Our sister site The Blog Herald deems the iOS app inferior to its Android counterpart, lacking polish and the “Instant Upload” photo feature. It’s also surprisingly limited in what it will run on: iPod Touch users are out of luck, as are iPad users. The app runs only on the iPhone 3, 3GS, and 4, running iOS 4.x. Advanced users who’ve already upgraded to the iOS 5 beta won’t be able to use the Google+ app, either.

Other reports indicate that the app is proving buggy for some users, crashing frequently. Google has already released a first update for the app.

Google+ App for iPhone
Google+ App for iPhone
Google+ App for iPhone
Google+ App for iPhone
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