New KITT interior in upcoming ‘Knight Rider’ based on iPhone design w/pic

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NBC and Apple may not have kissed and made up just yet, but Apple’s design influence is playing a big part in the upcoming NBC tv movie/pilot for the 2008 version of “Knight Rider”.

In a recent interview at Knight Rider Online, series producer David Bartis discussed the origins of the interior design for the new KITT:

You’ll see that the interior is modified, it is not the stock interior. It has panels in it that will reveal accessories and technologies. when you look at the most advanced technology consumers have access to now – it doesn’t involve alots of dials and gages and moving parts. You look at the iPhone and you go – thats the coolest phone out there. It’s just a flat screen that you can touch and access anything. So the iPhone interface was actually a big inspiration for the way the interior of this car would look because its very simple, it’s very streamlined, it’s very clean. It doesn’t make sense to build something that looks like the inside of the millenium falcon cause that’s not high tech anymore.

There is no buttons, there is no moving parts anymore. It’s all about how clean and simple.

Below you can see an image leaked online that is supposed to represent the interior of the new Knight Industries Three Thousand.

You can see the center of the dashboard appears to be a touch screen interface, although we probably won’t see the UI until the tv movie premieres on Feb. 17th.

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4 thoughts on “New KITT interior in upcoming ‘Knight Rider’ based on iPhone design w/pic

  1. my name is david b conway , and my comment is just about new kitts dash broad i think i like the dash broad from the original nbc viper dash broad just with i phone tech dash broad and the rest of nbc original viper tech options and featers as well , love david b conway

  2. its me again / david b conway , i just thought the rest and last new options and features as well , why do,nt they use unreatily knight rider tv series just like team knight rider and the abc original tv series called streeet hawk high tech gadgets and the last is mini rockett booster and stilll keep turbo boost and today i just thought off kitt can allso can do as well morphin tech transformation just into high tech motor cycle option called motor cycle mode just on the kitt car as well / love david b conway

  3. p.s from david b conway again i know i said a alot today i just forgot to ask that they can still keep the new knight rider 20008 options and features and the original knight rider 1982 options and features as well and that is my last ideas , love david b conway

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