New iPhone Apps for July 22, 2008 (including WordPress!)

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Apple updated the App store very late in the day yesterday, so today we have basically two days worth of updates. There are quite a few applications here. A few of which I would not even be linking to were it not for this series of posts. Some of the stuff in this update hardly qualifies as applications. Take the iDemocrat and iRepublican “applications” for example – they don’t do anything.

Someone is trying charge $0.99 for what is basically a terrible and amateurish wallpaper. I doubt that’s going to work – and I’m starting to think that Apple needs to input some quality standards (but I realize that opens up a whole new can of worms).

New and updated apps include: Animal Sounds Machine, iScale, Netter’s Musculoskeletal Flash Cards, South Park Imaginationland, Urbanspoon, WordPress, AccelaStudy Portuguese, Ad Hoc Helper, Aftonbladet, A Level, Chicago Tribune Mobiel Zodiac, Circulate P., Enigmo, Flatland, Geohash, iChart EMR, iClink, iDemocrat, iEnvision, iMahjong, iMatrix, iRepublican, magic8ball, Magic 8 Ball, MinesManiak, Mint Nutrition, Mocha VNC, Nearby, OmniFocus, ScoreCounter, Secret Safe, Shout It, Squirgle!, Telegram, The Prince, Tip Master, Touch FS, Treasure Island

Highlights include:

WordPress – this application is awesome. Every blog I have it wordpress based, and now they can all be updated easily from one application. This is a great addition to my iPhone, and I can’t wait to use it.

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