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Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone

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So is it just me or does Ballmer come off as smug in this?

I don’t know…maybe it’s the fanboy in me lashing out, but there is something about this guy that I really don’t like.

Also, I think it’s important to mention when talking about the iPhone price…which seems to be his biggest hang up…that you’re getting WAY more than just a Phone with the iPhone…hell making Phone calls is the least interesting of it’s features to me…and I don’t think $499 or $599 is too much to pay for what you’re getting with this thing…anyway…(takes deep breath)…it’ll be interesting to see where things go between Microsoft and Apple in 2007…

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

8 thoughts on “Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone

  1. I agree with you. Sure the iPhone may seem pricey at first but the user experience will be completely different than on for example windows phones. Sure the windows mobile phones have music, video and all that stuff but it can’t do one single thing of them right. That’s one of the reasons why Apple are selling so many iPods.

  2. He is on drugs. Obviously. “milions and milions and milions”, this guys fears from his own words. 20% of the martket by Zune….keep dreaming. I feel much better having SJ representing company I trust for over 20 yeras. His visual presence is calming me down. This guy scares me and makes me mental just watching his gibberish talks. This guy and his company will never get a single $ out of my pocket for thei product. Simply because I hate arogant people.

  3. When I first saw Steve Balmer do his sweaty deveopers dance I thought WOW, that guy is a nitwit! This just confirms what i originally thought!

  4. Ballmer!!!! Do you remember “Pirates of Silicon Valley”? … Yes?!?! … He looks like that Dinosaurus at IBM or HP that said to Woz “what common people do with a personal computer?!!?”… He laughs about a new revolution… like first Apple, Mac, iPod.. etc… the can only be cloner years later….

  5. “Doesn’t have a keyboard”? He didn’t even do his research!

    “millions and millions and millions and apple sells zero”? that’s because they haven’t even started selling!

    “20% of the market” .. now i dont’ know about the real statistics but it seemed unreal to me, i mean, seeing how it’s coming from a guy dancing on the stage all fat, sweaty and constantly yelling “developers” who gives me an impression of a mid-aged nerd trying so HARD to be a rock star by being a nerd. And now he just added another impression that he’s the kind of loser that uses invalid points in arguments.

  6. I was so appalled by Ballmer’s reaction that I actually blogged on the topic and then I saw this post. It’s interesting how the thought process is pretty similar.

    The guy is losing respect big time. You should at least know that the competiton has a fricking keyboard – it’s right there in the keynote.

  7. Ballmer’s a jerk, but he’s right about the lack of a keyboard on the iPhone. As damn pretty as the iPhone is, this to me is its most underreported potential flaw. Text entry is *extremely* important on a smart phone — for SMS, web use, etc.

    Will text entry be usable without a “click”? I’m going to be very unpopular for saying this, I’m sure (and to be honest I hope I’m wrong) but I’m going to bet the answer is “No. Text entry is going to suck”.

    I think one of the big indications of this is that not one screenshot of the iPhone shows an onscreen keyboard. Why? Because if they showed it, we’d all have the same reaction — which is: “Hmm… is that going to work?”

    The iPhone looks killer. I hope it rocks. But as always, the greatest weaknesses of a product are in the areas that the manufacturer doesn’t discuss at all. Text entry will be this thing’s achilles heel.

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