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MAJOR Apple Phone details LEAKED on Leo Laporte’s Radio Show

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podcast_10.jpgLeo Laporte had a caller on his KFI Talk Show on New Year’s Eve that claimed to have a friend at Apple. This caller seemed VERY confindent and well informed when discussing the upcoming phone, and Leo even went so far as to say he had “high confidence” in the caller’s claims.

The details of what the caller revealed are:

It is unknown if the phone will be revealed at Macworld because it is currently being held up due to carrier agreements.

So the Phone WILL NOT be sold unlocked.

It will be CDMA only, so the most likely providers are VERIZON/SPRINT

The phone will feature Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) which is important for higher speed and lower power consumption

It will feature WiFi

The caller had very little details about the OS but did say that the phone will feature an on board .mac account, and syncing with address books and calendar software.

The phone will be completely integrated with Leopard and .Mac.

The phone will be made of Zirconium much like the Macbook Pro

The Caller confirmed two batteries, and revealed a price point of $275 for the 4 Gig version, and $335 for the 8 Gig version.

The final thing the caller revealed was that Apple was working on a lan line Apple Phone as well, but it was not as fully developed as the mobile device.

Is this information accurate? Of course we won’t know until Jan. 9th, but the caller did seem very informed, and if it is a hose job…it’s a very good one on his part.

You can listen to Leo’s KFI Podcast here to hear for yourself.

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5 thoughts on “MAJOR Apple Phone details LEAKED on Leo Laporte’s Radio Show

  1. if that is true, i know an apple employee who is a) gonna lose his job and b) be very very pissed with one of his friends 😛

  2. Also if that is true, I know a zillion potential buyers who ARE NOT going to buy the Apple Phone if it is not sold “unlocked”. I hate cell phone contracts!

  3. @Macvault

    I agree. I really hope the “locked” portion of this rumor is untrue. Perhaps, however, the sticking points on the carrier agreements are that Apple doesn’t want the phone to require a contract.

    I can tell you for sure that I’m not paying full price for the phone, and then have a 2 year contract I have to honor. No way.

  4. I seriously hope this is just plain wrong. CDMA only would render the device useless pretty much anywhere outside the US.

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