Let the iPhone Nano Rumors die…it’s not happening

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The iPhone Nano rumor is trying to make a comeback after it’s lack of existence at Macworld disappointed next to no one.

Now the updated nonsense is claiming that Apple will release the iPhone Nano in China. All of this, of course, is coming to us from an analyst named Brian Marshal from AmTech – who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

This isn’t how Apple does business. Is it possible that they could release a modified version of the iPhone in China?

Yes – it’s possible…but unlikely.

Still, even if they do, they are even more unlikely to reduce the size of the device. They might disable features if they are forced to by the Chinese government – but there is on reason to manufacture another product when they can simply use the iPhone they have with modified software.

Even if they are coaxed into using another technology standard for the device to comply with the Chinese market it is STILL improbable that the company would resize the device.

The iPhone is dependent upon its size because of the thousands of applications that have been developed for it that require that screen size to function as intended.

It’s easy to see where the iPhone Nano rumors came from. The iPod has a smaller counterpart, why shouldn’t the iPhone?

There are, of course, at least a dozen reasons off the top of my head why the iPhone shouldn’t have a smaller counterpart.

Regardless, right now the only thing close to confirmation is a CGI rendered image of a possible case for the device – which has turned into great free publicity for the manufacturer who faked it in the first place.

There is no iPhone nano – it’s not happening.

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2 thoughts on “Let the iPhone Nano Rumors die…it’s not happening

  1. I do not see a reason for a iPhone nano. Maybe they work on a smaller new (next generation) iPhone with an smaller display, but the old resolution?

  2. why does it have to be able to run the current iPhone apps or any apps at all? the iPod Shuffle never had a clickwheel or a display either. an iPhone Nano would probably have a music player, phone, sms, clock, maybe even mail and a few other utilities, but it won’t run any apps not made by Apple.

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