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iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

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The iPhone has been the driving force behind smartphone technology for years. The release of the original iPhone in July 2007 introduced us to a world where you could not only use your phone to make calls and send txt messages but also take photos, film videos and browse the internet all at the push of a button. Soon after, users were introduced to thousands of amazing apps that once downloaded from the Apple store could help you with anything from finding a book store to buying a pizza. And lets not forget all the awesome games that have provided all iPhone users with hours for fun. Now, with over 500,000 approved apps, there is still a handful that we recommend that each iPhone user should consider getting.

If you own one of the many different smartphones that are on the market today, you know how handy they are. The great thing about a smartphone is that there are many different apps available that can increase the phones usefulness.

Imo is a great app to have if all of your friends use different IM services. Imo allows you to sign up for all of the most popular IM services all at the same time.

Bump is a great application for moving information from one smartphone to another. If both phones are running the app all you need to do is select the information you want to share then bump the phones together. This bump will transfer the date, even if one phone is and android-based unit and the other is an iPhone.

Dropbox is essential for those that use different systems. If you use a PC and your phone Dropbox is the easiest way to sync files across multiple systems. The best part is you do not need to plug your phone into your computer.

Gmote is a great app for those that give presentations or work in a large area. Gmote allows you to remotely control the cursor on your PC or Mac with your smartphone handset. This is useful for opening and closing windows on your computer from across the room.

Lookout Mobile Security is one of the best anti-virus protection suites on the market. It not only protects your phone from viruses it also allows you to find a lost phone, it scans apps as you add them to your phone, and it continuously updates to protect your phone from new threats.

Pulse is one of the best RSS readers available. This app will import Google Reader Feeds as well, this means you do not need to build the reader from scratch.

Taptu is a news reader that allows you to quickly pick and choose the news you want to read about.

AccuWeather is different from many other weather apps. You can manually update the forecast on demand, and it offers GPS features that allow you to choose a spot on a map and get the weather for that spot.

Waze is one of the best apps to have on your smartphone if you drive a lot, especially in urban areas. The GPS feature of the app lets you see where the traffic jams are located and then finds you a route around the traffic jam.


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Kokou Adzo

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