iPhone 5 May Be Coming During Fall Media Event

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Rumors have been pointing towards a fall launch for the iPhone 5 which will take the stage at Apple’s iPod Media event. We reported Summer may be reserved for an extensive launch of OS X Lion but the late fall launch of Apple iPhone 5 may be to protect sales of the iPhone

Multiple analysts are saying a fall launch of the iPhone 5 seems likely and more specifically it will take the stage during Apple’s annual iPod event. John Paczkowski of All Things Digital says speculation from close sources hints at a fall launch:

As I’ve reported here before, Apple doesn’t plan to unveil a new iPhone at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which this year will be largely software-focused. And increasingly, I’m hearing speculation about the company possibly commandeering its annual September media event to launch the device instead. Which seems plausible.

While his sources have yet to give a solid confirmation on the iPhone 5’s launch date, they have proven accurate in the past. In addition, Boy Genius Report says a report from RBC says an iPhone 5 in fall is likely.

Postponing the iPhone 5’s launch to late fall may be to protect current sales of the iPhone 5. Earlier this year the iPhone 4 was announced in a CDMA flavor and carried on Verizon. This was months before Apple’s supposed iPhone refresh and Verizon subscribers may have held off to enter a new 2-year contract when the next generation phone is announced.

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