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How to Buy a VPN Completely Anonymously

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When you’re trying to buy a VPN, you may wonder how to go about doing it anonymously. There are several different ways to do this. The most popular method is Bitcoin, but some VPN providers will also accept other forms of payment, such as pre-paid debit cards and Gift cards. You can even buy a VPN with a prepaid gift card from a retailer like Walmart. Regardless of your preferred method, however, it is important to choose a payment method that will ensure your anonymity.

Gift cards

If you’re not comfortable using your real name and credit card details to buy a VPN, consider using a gift card instead. Like cash, gift cards can be bought online, and you can use them to pay for a VPN subscription. However, you should always keep your payment information private.

Most VPN providers do not accept gift cards for payment, but there are a few that do. You can buy subscriptions with gift cards in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Purchasing a VPN subscription with gift cards is secure and anonymous, but it requires a little extra work. In addition, gift cards typically charge a higher rate than advertised, and the exchange rate can add up to an additional twenty to thirty percent. Using a gift card will also limit your choices.

Another option is to use prepaid credit cards. These are generally provided by larger retail groups. Prepaid cards function like credit cards but do not link to your identity. You load money onto the prepaid card before you make a purchase. This prevents any trace of your identity.


Buying a no-lag VPN subscription with Bitcoin is a secure way to remain anonymous on the internet. It is a decentralized process, so you can avoid leaving any digital footprint. However, before you can purchase a subscription, you must be sure that the provider accepts the specific coin you’d like to use. To be safe, it is a good idea to purchase your VPN with a cryptocurrency wallet that has two-step authentication.

A VPN provider that accepts Bitcoin will require you to store the cryptocurrency against the US dollar. This is because if you buy a VPN with a foreign currency, you’ll probably have to pay network transfer fees, taxes, and other fees. However, when you buy a VPN using Bitcoin, you’ll only be required to pay a small fee that reflects a reasonable exchange rate. This can help you avoid being tracked for longer.

Prepaid debit cards

If you’re wondering how to buy a VPN completely anonymously, there are a couple of options. First, you can use a prepaid debit card, although this method isn’t available everywhere. Prepaid cards are similar to credit cards, but they don’t offer recurring subscription plans or money-back guarantees. You can purchase prepaid cards from various retailers and don’t have to provide any personal information to pay for them. In addition, prepaid cards are usually non-reloadable, so you don’t need to provide a bank account number or a credit card number. And because you’re not paying with a credit card, you can’t trace your payment once it expires.

Once you’ve registered your prepaid debit card, you’re ready to shop online. To protect your privacy, you’ll want to use the Tor network to ensure you remain anonymous online. Secondly, you’ll want to set up a new PayPal account through the Tor network. While most online merchants require an email address to complete a purchase, you can use a disposable email address, like Mailinator, to ensure that you don’t reveal your personal information online.


With the Samourai VPN, you can be completely anonymous online. This service has many security features to protect your personal data. Samourai uses BIP 39 passphrase encryption, which gives you a second layer of security. You can also choose a five or eight-digit PIN to use. Your IP address is encrypted, and the screen you use is randomly generated so that screen recording spyware cannot intercept it.

Another great feature of this service is the Samourai wallet. It will keep your bitcoin transactions completely anonymous. This wallet works with a team of experts to protect your information. This wallet supports Tor and VPN to make your online activities more secure. It also offers a stealth mode that will hide your Samourai VPN from your home screen and launcher. You can also use the Samourai seed word backup to store funds.

Temp Mail

If you want to check the privacy policies of a VPN, you should use an anonymous email service like Mailfence. It is free to use, but the price will depend on your country. You can also try out the Temp Mail premium for two weeks. You can then decide if you want to purchase the subscription or not.

Temp Mail is a great way to protect yourself from spam, malware, and other bad things that may threaten your privacy. It creates a temporary email address that automatically disappears after a set period of time. Using a disposable email address also helps you sign up for online services without revealing your real email address. Furthermore, you can choose an alias to use to prevent spammers from using your email address.


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