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Hitcase Announces New Specialized iPhone 11 Accessories Following iPhone Reveal

iphone 11 accessories

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Apple has finally unveiled its new iPhone 11 line on Tuesday and the results were promising. With it came a slew of new features which ought to make photographers and videographers smile. Meanwhile, new iPhone 11 accessories are also on the way following the announcement from Apple. This time around, Hitcase takes the spotlight with its robust offerings for the iPhone 11.

Hitcase, which is a Vancouver, Canada-based company is introducing three new types of iPhone cases for the iPhone 11 namely the Vision (Smart Glass Case), JEL (Silicone case), Ferra Woodside (leather and wood case). This is along with their original top-selling cases like the PRO, Splash, and Ferra. Those have also been updated for the new iPhone 11, according to Hitcase.

iPhone 11 Accessories

iPhone 11 Accessories

These specialized Hitcase iPhone 11 cases have been modified to give a protective edge to the iPhone while not hindering the full functionality of the new iPhone camera lenses which are bigger than ever.

Meanwhile, Hitcase is also introducing a new game-changer for iPhone 11 accessories in the form of the OneClip mobile lens clip. It’s basically a mini camera lens clip made for the iPhone 11 (though it’s also available for Android devices). The OneClip works to secure the mini-mobile camera lenses from Hitcase.

iPhone 11 Accessories

The OneClip is also compatible with Hitcase’s lens offerings: TrueLUX Wide, TrueLUX Superwide (for landscapes, mostly), and TrueLUX Macro (for tight shots). All of them are no bigger than a coin and can be clipped snuggly and securely on the back of the mobile phone with or without a case. However, it’s worth noting that OneClip has the best compatibility with a Hitcase iPhone case and a Hitcase mobile lens.

The prices of Hitcase’s new iPhone 11 accessories are yet to be announced but make sure to stay tuned to their website for further updates.

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Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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