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Christmas is fast approaching and that means it’s time for some gift shopping! There’s a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Christmas presents and it can get chaotic, to say the least. If your friends or family members are iPhone users, the easiest gift you can probably think of is an iPhone case. Or, simply get a new case for yourself for the season. Get one that goes with the Christmas theme to spread the holiday vibes. Here are some great choices for Christmas-themed cases for various iPhone models.

Christmas Elk Case (iPhone 11)

Let’s start off with something simple but still incredibly cute! This Christmas Elk Case is the perfect cover for your iPhone 11 if you’re really feeling the Christmas vibes. It’s a clear case adorned with the most adorable elk wearing a red scarf. This case definitely screams playful, perfect for someone with the same personality.

Topwin Green Christmas Case (iPhone 11 Pro Max)

A great option for an iPhone case is one that comes with an adjustable wrist strap. This strap is especially useful for people with small hands holding big phones. It can be a bit of a challenge and a wrist strap certainly helps! This phone case also depicts a tiny Santa, snowmen, and a reindeer.

Caka Christmas Tree Case (iPhone 11 Pro)

Have you set up your Christmas tree yet? One of the main activities for Christmas is setting up and decorating your Christmas tree. If you like it so much, why not get an iPhone case that has it as well? This one also has the moving snowflakes to add that extra touch.

Mateprox Red Sparkle Case (iPhone XS Max)

If the person you’re gifting a phone case doesn’t like extravagant or printed designs, this iPhone case might be the one. It’s a simple red case with glitters all over. Even though it looks quite simple and basic, this phone is actually a great red statement during the holidays. Simple yet elegant!

Casa Snowman Elk Christmas Case (iPhone XS Max)

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Snow is often associated with the Christmas season. In comes the snowman elk. This green iPhone case depicts an image of a snowman elk wearing a red and white scarf. Around him are snowflakes falling down while Santa hovers just above. The case also has an extra snowman elk peeking at the top, which makes for an adorable case!

Ebetterr Plaid Print Case (iPhone XR)

Aside from sparkles, another common theme during Christmas is plaids. This protective case can be used for all seasons but would look apt during the holidays. It’s simple but functional. Definitely a great gift for a loved one!

Christmas Tree Bumper Case (iPhone X, XS)

A snowy Christmas means a blue Christmas. If you’re not a fan of green and red, this iPhone case is just perfect. It’s a simple clear case with its back covered in blue. At the center lies a sparkly Christmas tree, bringing about hope during the holidays.

Simple Plus+ Snowflake Case (iPhone 12, 12 Pro)

Some extra sparkle for that special someone on Christmas day is this iPhone case. It’s a clear phone case with snowflakes at the back. Silver glitters are also floating around the back of the clear case. This one certainly looks sparkly and magical!

TIPFLY Christmas Case (iPhone 12 Mini)

If the person you’re giving a gift to loves a snowy Christmas in rural areas, this phone case might just be perfect. It’s a clear iPhone case showing a brown house with a huge Christmas tree outside. Above them flies Santa and his reindeers during a snowy evening. The flowing glitters just add an extra sparkle to the overall look of the iPhone case.

Aesthetic Winter Christmas Collage Case (iPhone 12/12 Pro)

Albeit a bit chaotic for some, collages are great at combining all our ideas into a single piece. There are many Christmas elements and if you wish to see all of them in one case alone, you can get it through this Christmas collage case. It has Santa, candy canes, gingerbread man, stockings, Christmas trees and quotes, and a whole lot more.

Red Reindeer Case (iPhone 13)

One of the main colors for Christmas is bright red. It’s the perfect hue to catch people’s attention. If that’s what you’re into, this Red Reindeer Case is the way to go. Not only is it eye-catching, but it also shows a picture of an adorable reindeer. Above its head is the greeting: Merry Christmas. Plus, this iPhone case also supports wireless charging.

Green Polar Bear Case (iPhone 13)

While polar bears are not known to be an integral part of Christmas festivities, some people consider them as part of the holiday spirit, simply because they are winter animals. After all, Christmas is celebrated during the winter season (for the most part). This Green Polar Bear Case shows a smiling polar bear wearing a red-and-white scarf with a cupcake on its head. At the top of the phone case is also a cute polar bear that would be looking at you while you use your iPhone.

Cartoon Elk Case (iPhone 13 Pro Max)

Another elk case worth checking out is this one for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s a clear case designed with a cartoon elk smiling while its antlers are adorned with Christmas ball decorations. On the background are what appears to be red snow falling. The case itself is also pretty lightweight, so you won’t get the bulk but you do get the adorable elk!

Christmas Trees Case (iPhone 13 Pro)

Part of preparing for the Christmas season is taking your pick of a suitable Christmas tree and decorating it. It is a custom in most families and also a way to bond with your loved ones. For people very much into this activity, you might appreciate an iPhone case that shows several Christmas trees in different colors and designs.

First published in 2020; updated 2021

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