German Smoke Messaging Service: For When Your Telco Sucks

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I think that it is a universally acknowledged fact that there is no such thing as a brilliant, reliable telco. They will always boast of being the best, having the fastest LTE, and blah, blah, blah; but when it matters most (like when you’re really late for what could very well be the best date of your life), you can’t get a proper signal – not even good enough to send a text message.
smoke messaging signal
Then there are those countless anecdotes about couples getting into serious fights discussions because the other didn’t reply to an “important” text message for hours – only to find out that it actually took the message that long to go through. How about dropped calls? Data speeds that are slower than WAP? The list goes on and on.

Well, a German inventor has got the thing for you. He’s put a new twist to the conventional SMS setup by creating the Smoke Messaging Service.

Because, you know, history repeats itself; and no matter how much we rely on electronic signals these days, smoke signals were more than good enough for our ancestors. Why shouldn’t they be just as good for us today?

Not too convinced? See the Smoke Messaging Service in action, and the next time you have nothing but an darned expensive brick of a phone in your hands (thanks to sucky telcos), think of this.

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