Garmin takes on iPhone with Nuviphone

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Garmin, late Wed, revealed their own entrance into the cellphone market, with a phone that appears to be the biggest rival to the iPhone yet. The touch screen device has a 3.5-inch screen and centers around its built-in GPS device. The device is filled with Google apps as well, including apps for traffic, weather, gmail, and business search. Even photos taken with the built-in camera are automatically geotagged for positioning in location-based services.

The phone also has some features that iPhone owners have been clamoring for since day one. 3G connectivity, Insant Messaging, and MMS messages are all standard features. The phone will come pre-loaded with North American maps with “millions of points of interest” pre-loaded as well.

The phone is coming at some point during the summer, but thus far, we do not yet know the price, or the carrier (if any) for the device. You can find more pics of the phone at MacNN.

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One thought on “Garmin takes on iPhone with Nuviphone

  1. I would not worry if I were Apple! I’ve owned a couple of Garmin products and their support sucks! If they are getting into the phone business, they need to expand their tech-support a thousand-fold! Personally I won’t buy another Garmin branded device, but that is just my experience.


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