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Emoji iPhone Cases for All Expressions

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Emojis can sometimes express more accurately what we’re feeling than words themselves. Heck, some emojis can represent our whole personality. If you’ve found that special emoji that you just connect with, why not show it to the world through your iPhone case? That this specific emoji represents you as a person. Or you just like some emojis and think they’re funny. You’re in for a treat with these emoji iPhone cases.

Emoji iPhone Cases to Suit Every Occasion

Simple Smiley Case


Let’s start off with something simple. If you’re just a happy person in general and want an emoji iPhone case that’s basic, this Simple Smile Case would be perfect. The design is not loud at all and it does the basic function of protecting your iPhone well. It’s a TPU case that’s shock-absorbent and has an anti-fingerprint finish. Even better, it’s compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging.

Tiny Smileys Case


A little cuter but with the same smiley face is the Tiny Smileys Case. It’s still pretty simple but on the more adorable side. It’s a pretty flexible case that’s durable and will last for a long time. The tiny smileys are ink-printed at the back but the case itself is blue to contrast the yellow smiley faces. This one’s definitely a classic.

Clown Emoji Case


They say that people who are easily fooled in love are clowns. Do you happen to be one? This Clown Emoji Case might be the best representation of how you are when you’re in love. Either that or this iPhone case can also represent your sense of humor, whatever that may be. Aside from the protection it offers, this case is also compatible with MagSafe charging.

Pile of Poo Emoji Case


A surprisingly popular emoji is the poo. Whenever most people feel like sh#t, they tend to always use this emoji. We suppose it’s also a bit funny because this poo has a smiley face on it. Either way, if this emoji is your favorite, consider getting this iPhone case. The emojis are also set in contrast to a white background, which just emphasizes the poo all the more (lol).

Alien Emoji Holographic Case


Another popular emoji among millennials is the alien emoji. Why this is so, we don’t really know. Either way, this Alien Emoji Holographic Case has a sort of psychedelic design that some people will certainly appreciate. The cover itself is holographic so it’ll look pretty against the light. Printed on top of it are smiling alien emojis. Weird? Some people will beg to disagree.

Peach Emoji Case


What do you associate with the peach emoji? We think we know what answer comes to mind. If you want it as an iPhone case, either because of that reason or you just find it cute, this one is certainly the one to beat. A huge peach dead-center on a pink background – isn’t it the cutest?

See, Hear, Speak No Evil Monkey Emoji Case


Of course, who doesn’t know the See, Hear, Speak No Evil Monkey emojis?! If these three are your favorite, you should absolutely get this iPhone case! Apart from the extremely cute design, this iPhone case also has a pretty slim profile so it won’t bulk up your purse or bag. It’s also made of hard plastic that’s impact-resistant.

Panda and Unicorn Emojis Case


Are pandas and unicorns your favorite animals? Yes, a unicorn can also be considered an animal. If so, you might like this adorable tandem in a phone case. It’s a simple iPhone case where you can see lots of panda and unicorn emojis. The case itself is lightweight and also compatible with wireless charging.

Cloudy Smirk Crown Emoji Case


Girl, you a QUEEN! This Cloudy Smirk Crown Emoji Case is perfect for people who know their worth and won’t settle for anything less than what they deserve. That smirk just goes to show that you know your value and as such, you deserve this iPhone case too. The design is made prettier with the pink clouds as the background. Protect your iPhone and look sassy, too!

Burger and Fries Emojis Case


For the always-hungry, get yourself a Burger and Fries Emojis Case. Treat yourself in real life and through your phone case, too. Despite the heavy carbs that burgers and fries bring, this iPhone case is actually lightweight. It also features a lay-flat bezel so your screen is protected against scratches from surface contacts. It’s the perfect iPhone case for people who love their carbs.

Princess Emoji Pattern Case

Leaning towards the cutesy side, this Princess Emoji Pattern Case would be great for people who love Disney princesses. You can see Ariel, Cinderella, and Belle in their emoji versions being all adorable. The case itself is impact-resistant and highly durable. It has a nice, glossy finish.

Cookie Monster Emoji Pattern Case

Are you a cookie monster? This Cookie Monster Emoji Pattern Case is for all you folks who can’t get enough of cookies or the cookie monster itself. The emojis shown are of different expressions, which makes the case all the cuter. It also doesn’t hurt that it provides full coverage protection for your iPhone.

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