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Dress Up Your Phone With a Thanksgiving iPhone Case

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The summer months are finally over and here comes fall! The autumn season is also known as the Thanksgiving season, so when you start transitioning your clothes, so should your other items. If you’re really feeling it this Thanksgiving, why not go all out and dress up your iPhone with a Thanksgiving theme, too? In case you’re in the mood, here are some great options to choose from. Expect there to be a looot of cute turkey designs!

Thanksgiving Turkey Phone Case

Two of the most common ingredients in a Thanksgiving feast are a turkey and a pumpkin. Find these two things in this phone case but in a cute layout. It has a pretty simple but cute design and if you like autumn colors, you might find this case’s hue to be beautiful and just warm, perfect for the autumn season.

Blingy’s New Funny Dessert 

Some people look forward to their Thanksgiving meal with the family, but one can argue that the best part is actually the dessert! Keeping up with traditions, it’s gotta be pumpkin pie! If you love it so much, let your phone case remind you of how scrumptious it looks. This iPhone cover has a white background splattered with pumpkins and slices of pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Turkey Phone Case

Can’t decide which design and which type of case to choose from? This one offers several and you can mix and match to suit your style. You can choose from snap cases, tough cases, and flexi cases. There are five designs ranging from cute Happy Thanksgiving lettering to a turkey design.

Thanksgiving Meal Case

A fan of hand-drawn design or artwork? This clear case features hand-drawn turkeys, pumpkin pies, and other food items that you’d typically see on a Thanksgiving table. While the background is clear, the drawings feature fall colors that just look so warm and inviting. Still, it’ll allow the actual color of your iPhone to still peek through.

Personalized Autumn iPhone case

Something a little more personal is this autumn iPhone case that features your name. Surrounded by maple leaves and pumpkin spice, your name will stand out in this clear case. No more confusion about whose iPhone is which while you have Thanksgiving dinner with your family. 

Cute Thanksgiving Phone Case


This Thanksgiving iPhone case is just so adorable. It features turkeys, pumpkins, and pumpkin pies surrounded by pretty autumn leaves. Set in a white background, each drawing just pops. It has a vibrant design that people who love Thanksgiving will appreciate. This case is also certainly eye-catching!

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Latte Phone Case

While most people think of turkey when it comes to Thanksgiving, one can’t just forget the importance of drinks. Pumpkin spice lattes are definitely a thing when the autumn season comes, and most people actually wait for the day that this drink becomes available. This iPhone case features these drinks, together with pumpkin pies.

Tough fall iPhone Case


Most Thanksgiving iPhone cases are either clear or have a white background, but if you want something a little darker, brown is also part of the theme. This iPhone case features a dark brown background with light-colored Thanksgiving snacks and drinks splattered all across. It’s adorably designed but still a bit dark overall.

Fall Leaves Autumn Thanksgiving Case

So far, all the cases featured on this list are printed and remain flat on the surface. A little more unique is this iPhone case that offers a 3D design handmade by the seller. You can feel the texture of each piece glued on the iPhone cover and each one is certainly one of a kind. 

Thanksgiving Turkey iPhone 

A little more on the feminine look is this iPhone case that has a pink background. In the foreground are drawings of turkeys, pumpkin pies, tomato soup, and even champagne. They are permanently printed on the back of the case so they won’t wear down that easily. 

Snoopy Happy Thanksgiving Case


Is Snoopy your favorite cartoon character? You will find him in this case, greeting you a Happy Thanksgiving while wearing a traditional hat. Together with him on the case is Charlie Brown, offering dog food while a feast is already waiting on Snoopy’s table. Snoopy fans will definitely love this!

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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