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Go Old-School Cinematic Camera with the Lumenati CS1 Smartcase

Cinematic Camera Lumenati CS1 Smartcase

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Old-school is cool. People from older generations miss the ‘good old times’. Younger generations think vintage is cool.

When it comes to phones and cameras, today’s gadgets are certainly as far from old-school as you can get, but that doesn’t mean the gadgets and the accompanying software can’t offer a walk down memory lane – from filters to cases to other mods.

What’s more old-school than a cinematic camera? Remember this?


I’m sure you can find one somewhere. In someone’s attic or a secondhand store.

But what if you can turn your phone into something like it?

That’s what the Lumenati CS1 Smartcase can do for you.

A Kickstarter project, the Lumenati CS1 Smartcase “combines the technological features of a digital device (film-free shooting, instant sharing and an editing app) with the cool design, ergonomic ease and natural narrative that the lo-fi classic camera is known for.”

Cinematic Camera Lumenati CS1 Smartcase

It also comes with lenses, which can easily be swapped so that you can get the effect that you want.

How can you turn your iPhone into a cinematic camera? Just slip it into the slot, and you’re good to go.

Here are other features of the CS1 Smartcase, which just might convince you – if you aren’t yet.

Cinematic Camera Lumenati CS1 Smartcase

And here’s the explainer video.

If you’re passionate about photo/videography, I think this is one Kickstarter project that’s worth backing.

Be part of this cool campaign by supporting the Cinematic Camera Lumenati CS1 Smartcase project.

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Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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