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Best Instagram Fonts for Elevating your Ig Profile  

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Instagram is all about visual content. This is as true as the statement that the sun is a star. Along with photos, videos, and emojis, visualization components include the typefaces that appear in your posts and bio descriptions. If you’re wondering how to use different fonts on Instagram, go on reading.

Why Should I Use Custom Fonts for Instagram?

People seem to be divided into two major factions — advocates and opponents of using fancy fonts for Instagram. The very fact of the existence of this dispute prompts us that there is clearly something about different font styles.

Every marketer will tell you that your brand’s personality must be reflected in all points of contact with existing and potential customers, including in social networks. That said, how you arrange the text in captions, reels, stories, comments, or bio on Instagram is no less important than what you write.

As fonts are an integral part of a brand’s personality, the types that appear on your Insta page are equally important to those used on your website or logo.

Beautiful unconventional fonts help visually emphasize individual words and phrases, make your account stand out, and draw followers’ attention.

Which Fonts Does Instagram Use?


Instagram has nine in-built fonts for stories. After you press ‘+’ to create a new story and choose the photo you want to share, you can tap the ‘Aa’ button on the left and then swipe left and right to pick a font.

Each of the Instagram story fonts has its own voice and spirit and can change your story mood. And each one comes in two variations. The second one is accessible by pressing the A with the stars icon.

  1. Classic

classic font

neon font


  1. Neon

strong font

bio fonts eg



  1. Strong

fonts at fancyfonts


fonts at inflact

The other story fonts include: Typewriter, Modern, Meme, Elegant, Directional, and Literature.




Instagram doesn’t have any font choices for captions and user info, and unless you resort to third-party tools, you use the default font style which is Neue Helvetica. It is also a default option for comments.


The only way you can draw attention to specific lines in your post with the default options is to write your text in capital letters, use emojis, and make large spaces between paragraphs.


Fortunately, Instagram allows importing fonts to use on your profile and in captions from font generators. With a wide choice of web-based font makers, you have a huge library of typefaces at your fingertips. Just read on to learn how to get fonts on Instagram and how to use them mindfully.


Best Practices of Using Insta Fonts


Before embarking on employing what you consider to be cool Instagram fonts, make sure they match your brand’s personality. After all, the tone of voice is not only about the content you create, it’s also about how this content is presented to users.


For example, cute fonts for Instagram would look good on a page promoting goods or services for children and would be totally inappropriate for a serious and elegant clothes brand. Lines written in italics may look awesome in artistic Ig accounts, but if you’re a law firm, in no way should you indulge into using cursive fonts for your Instagram copy.


Here are some tips to improve the aesthetics of your posts:


  • Pick legible fonts, otherwise, your text will be impossible to read. Check how they look on mobile and PC.


  • Choose a couple of fonts that resonate with your brand voice and stick to one style that would make your brand recognizable.


  • In captions, you can highlight a header, brand, product or company name, important thought, or question. People first read what is written in custom fonts, so you will definitely catch their attention.


  • Instagram bio is one of the most important aspects of one’s profile. This is what people see first and what impacts their opinion on the account and their decision on whether to follow it. Along with a good profile picture, you need a catchy bio description. It’s a good idea to use nice custom font styles for your Instagram name and username.

ig fonts at instafonts


  • However, you should be cautious with using fonts for Instagram bios. Many generated fonts cannot be read by search engines which means your page might not appear in search results for your target keywords. Certain characters will not appear on profiles due to the platform’s restrictions.


Top 10 Popular Insta Fonts


With a limitless choice of beautiful designer fonts, it’s really hard to pick the best. And yet, we tried. Check the following list of font families — you’ll certainly find the one that suits your brand voice and your account topic. If not, there are many more to explore.


  1. Helvetica
  2. Montserrat
  3. Novecento
  4. Stay Writer
  5. Tikal Sans
  6. Sundays
  7. Muse
  8. Unspoken
  9. The Seasons
  10. Beautiful Minds


Top Five Insta Font Generators


Ready to learn how to add fun fonts to Instagram? Buckle up, we’ve got a selection of high-quality font-generating tools for you.


All font generators work in a more or less similar way: you open a font generator page, type in your text, copy the preferred style and paste it in your post.


Tools may have slight differences in the way they look. But commonly, they are straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use. And, importantly, many of them offer Instagram fonts for free.


Here are our top five picks:


1.    Fancyfonts


What we like about this font maker is a user-friendly page layout and simplicity. Along with a catchy retro-style neon logo, of course.



They have 120+ different fonts for Instagrammers. A nice bonus is a catalog of fancy lines and sparkles that you can copy and add to your social media texts. Just scroll down the page to discover this option.


Also, they provide a comprehensive guide on Instagram fonts and explain in detail how to change fonts for Instagram posts or Instagram profiles.


2.    Inflact

Their font generator page is very compact with samples conveniently arranged in tiles. They offer more than 80 various font styles for creating custom texts. You can see twelve different samples on opening the page and explore the rest by pressing the ‘Show more’ button.




Inflact offers an option to find font styles by tags. To switch between thematic groups, just press the corresponding buttons, such as ‘Cursive Text’ or ‘Glitch’.


The page provides useful tips for using fonts on Instagram and a couple of examples from real accounts.


3.    Igfonts


This one has an austere design without any text samples on the page. The minimalistic look of the page is offset by the presence of an educational piece of information about Instagram fonts, Unicode, and characters in general.


When you type your word or phrase in the input line, the tool delivers a list of font styles. They don’t have the ‘copy’ button, so you have to select and copy the desired style manually.


4.    Instafonts


The design of this one is very similar to the previous, but the results come as a chart. You can pinpoint the variants you like and then copy them by ticking.


If you hit the middle button with the stars, a window will pop up where you can further embellish your text. Three modes are available here — Flourish, Character Marks, and Kaomoji — try playing with those, it’s fun.


5.    Fontsforinstagram


This one is pretty straightforward — you type in your text and copy it with a button that pops up when you put the cursor on the text.


Their font styles are thematically arranged in blocks — for instance, symbolic, squiggle, small, or weird Instagram fonts, etc.




If you’re thinking of how to change fonts on Instagram, you most probably got bored with the limited choice offered by the platform. If so, it’s a good idea to use font generators and create custom text for your Ig posts. Non-standard fonts will make your account special and improve your profile aesthetics. Make sure you don’t overuse fancy typefaces and are consistent with your font choices so your target audience can recognize your brand style.

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