AT&T dropping Unlimited Data for “Pay As You Go” Customers

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As much as I love my iPhone, I hate AT&T. I was always a fan of Cingular, and when AT&T bought them – things went down the toilet. If it wasn’t for the iPhone I doubt I would be a customer (though, in all fairness – I might not have a choice – AT&T is the only company that provides decent coverage in my area).

Regardless, if you needed a reason to showcase why they suck – here’s one.

AT&T is dropping their unlimited Media Net $20 a month unlimited data plans for pay-as-you-go users. The reason for this, they claim, is that “no one was using it”. I suppose they mean that there weren’t many people using it – because some of the people who were are already complaining to sites like Gizmodo about this situation.

So what are pay-as-you-go customers supposed to do? Well – they have the choices of 1Mb or 5Mb options…which an iPhone can easily eat up in a single day. If they go this route, and cross their plan data rate, they’ll be charged $450 per gigabyte they go over.

AT&T better hope they NEVER lose their iPhone exclusive status – because this is the kind of thing that will make me switch carriers on principle. If I could move to T-Mobile today without jailbreaking the iPhone – I’d do it. What they’re doing is just bad business.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “AT&T dropping Unlimited Data for “Pay As You Go” Customers

  1. AT&T SUCKS…and we all know that

    i dont expect Apple to be exclusive with them much longer because of the law suits that are in the works…

    i cant believe that Apple even thought of being exclusive with anyone in the first place…they are not usually the type of business that wants to limit the ability to use their stuff…look they even allow Windoze in their lives…


  2. It’s weird… I hear a lot of people complain about At&T (even in my area) I can honestly say I’ve got no complaints… It’s always worked great. Customer service has never been a problem either. I’ve sold them all and used them all. Each one is different, pluses and minuses… the only one I really hated was sprint.

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