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30 Days of iPhone – Day 5

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So, the iPhone is starting to feel normal. Does that make sense? It’s already making the transition from being this super cool gadget that I love, to being this computer I keep in my pocket.

Yesterday my wife was driving and I was sitting in the passenger seat. A reader had emailed me a question that I intended to reply to before then, but I had gotten distracted by all the podcasting problems I’d been having. I was sitting in the car when I thought “Crap, I need to email him back!” then I remembered…I have the iPhone in my pocket.

So I pulled the iPhone out, found his email, replied and that was that.

I have also found that I’m finally using iCal (on the iPhone at least) for reminders. I never messed with it on my Mac because I was always away from the computer, but with the iPhone, when I make an appointment, or decide I need to do something later, I just go into iCal and set up a reminder. It’s actually helping me quite a bit with my productivity.

If I have anything negative to say about yesterday it’s that I am noticing software lag. There is no “beach ball” on the iPhone, but maybe there should be, to let me know it’s working and hasn’t just frozen up. It doesn’t happen a lot, and when it does it’s only for a few seconds at a time, but you will notice it if you buy one, so I think it’s worth mentioning.

BTW – I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken our online survey. I’ve been very happy with the response so far, and I appreciate everyone taking the time to do it. If you still haven’t, but would like to, you can Click Here to take the survey.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

One thought on “30 Days of iPhone – Day 5

  1. You know, I’m feeling the same way. My wife and I were sitting at lunch today and I realized that I had forgotten to pay my cable bill. Rather than wait until I got home (and ultimately forgetting) I just got on my online banking there at the table and made the payment.

    Also, I’ve found that I prefer typing in Safari with the iPhone vertical rather than in landscape, which I preferred when I first got the phone. Has anybody else’s preferences changed like that?

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