“Cookie Cutter” Lawsuits Against Apple are Shameful

Apple is being hit by a series of “copycat” lawsuits in a display of “lawsuit mentality” at its absolute worst.

Four times in the last two weeks Apple has been hit with lawsuits related to the iPhone 3G’s speed – and each one appears to be almost identical to the other.

Apple Insider even goes so far as to call them “cookie cutter” lawsuits.

I have to say, I don’t understand this…if you don’t like your phone – TAKE IT BACK.

You can’t tell me Apple won’t take back a legitimately faulty device. I have seen them do it with my own two eyes more than once.

This kind of crap wastes the legal systems time and money – and I find it appalling.

I would completely understand if Apple had created a product that harmed people in some way, and was beyond defective to the point of irresponsible – I would be supportive of a lawsuit in that situation. What we’re talking about here, though, is a completely different animal.

This mess wastes time, money, and manpower that could be used for other, more important, things – IMHO.

Am I in the minority on this? Do you think these types of lawsuit serve any purpose that betters society, the companies being sued, or the people filing them?



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  1. I think the flawed judicial system that we have is one of the biggest problems with our country. It’s the American way, you wanna’ “get rich quick”? sue somebody. There are no repercussions for frivolous lawsuits. (generally speaking)

  2. hehe, in Germany you can be sued for everything – its real fun. Even when you have a private website that doesn’t have an imprint – or when only one letter is wrong on that imprint. Lawyers need to earn money here – because we have to many of them 🙂 Funny guys.

  3. This has been happening to Apple for awhile now. They’re a big target, so there are tons of frivolous lawsuits about iPods and iPhones.

    How many people have sued over Apple’s iTunes only working with Apple’s iPods? Did Apple ever give the impression that iTunes was for non-iPod music players? I was never aware that they did. If you don’t like it, buy music somewhere else…