Apple updates “Software Update” tool


Apple made waves a few weeks ago when Safari started popping up in the Windows version of Apple Software Updater, even if you hadn’t previously installed it. The primary problems in complaints online were that the software appeared in the updates like an update, and that it was automatically checked, which caused some “less observant” users to download the application whether they really wanted it or not.

Apple has, today, released an update to the Windows ‘Software Update’ app, version, which takes a different approach to presenting the information. It now displays two separate lists of software; one for updates, and another for new software.

So where do you get the new version of Apple Software Update? From Apple Software Update…of course. 🙂


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  1. Seems that this is something that Apple usually sees before it jumps into the limelight.

    I blame the Windows platform and their users’ misunderstanding of the ‘need’ for updates. It’s a conditioned response that they’ve built up because of the Tuesday security updates that have been going on since Windows 3.1.

    Regardless, even Apple people realize that waiting about eight days and dredging the boards for unanticipated problems related to the update is the chosen method to adopt when each update appears.