Apple buys chip maker for $278 Million


Apple has purchased chip company, P.A. Semi – makers of a 64-bit dual core processor that is said to be as much as 300% more efficient than its nearest competition. Plus, it uses only 5 to 13 watts at 2GHz.

Products using the chips won’t be available until next year, but Apple’s purchase of this company for $278 million indicates that they’ll be using them just as soon as possible. Interestingly, it is being reported that the negotiations for the sale of this company actually took place in Steve Job’s home…making this a personal project of his, one would imagine.

Now, it’s unlikely that these chips will replace Intel chips inside Macs, since the change over was so recent, but you never know. Its widely speculated that the move is for some kind of mobile chip that has yet to be announced. Which, of course, will lead to faster (and hopefully better) iPhone performance down the road.

It’s worthing noting that according to Gizmodo P.A. Semi was in discussion to be the replacement chip after Apple decided to drop Power PC, and they were furious when Apple went Intel instead. Who knows – could Apple switch processors inside Macs again so soon?

Only time will tell.


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