7 Gifts for Apple Lovers

gifts for apple lovers

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Everyone likes receiving gifts, whether there’s a special occasion or not. You might already have the perfect gift for Valentine’s day, but who says you can’t give another one after the holiday?

I took a look around on Etsy and found some interesting gifts for Apple lovers. They’re not your usual items, and some are a little pricey, but they look totally worth it.

Note: I didn’t include Apple Watch bands since Justin has shared a great collection.

Gifts for Apple lovers

1. Custom Apple Watch Wood Docking Station

gifts for apple lovers

This Apple Watch / iPhone and multi-use holder is made of 100% solid wood “Tiger Wood” (extremely hard, strong and durable wood).

It is made to store or hold your daily life items that you carry such; keys, eyeglasses or sunglasses, watches, ring, Apple Watch and iPhone.

Each dock/holder is unique because of the wood grain.

If you’re the organized type, then this dock will suit you well. And, if you’re partial to wood, it’s just perfect.

2. Apple Watch Walnut Dock

gifts for apple lovers

I like this dock not only because it’s made of walnut wood, but also because it’s so simple. This dock is designed and handmade in Switzerland.

3. Apple Computer/Steve Jobs Memorial Biker Ring

gifts for apple lovers

I’d definitely wear this ring, which is made of pewter. It’s a tribute to the late Steve Jobs, and while it probably isn’t something you should wear to a formal event, I bet it looks cool for everyday wear. If you’re into novelty rings, that is.

4. First Macintosh Computer Patent Poster

gifts for apple lovers

Show your love for Apple at home by putting up prints like this one on your wall. You can choose the paper style and size.

5. First Apple Computer Patent Pillow

gifts for apple lovers

Even better than the print is this pillow cover – you can signify if you want a pillow with the product or not. The case is printed on  both sides and measures 18×18. Perfect for cuddling while you watch on your Apple TV.

6. Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh Apple Macbook Logo Decal Sticker

macbook decals

I wasn’t going to include decals in this post, but I couldn’t resist this one. One order includes 2 decals.

7. Pizza Heart Case – iPhone 6/6S

cool iphone cases

I better stop now because I’m starting to get cheesy. (See what I did there?)

But seriously, who can resist pizza?

Bonus: The Truffol Station 5 USB Charger Combines Beauty and Function

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2 thoughts on “7 Gifts for Apple Lovers

  1. Thanks for sharing these. I really like the sundial detail on the Apple Watch holder, and the fact that it charges the watch too makes it even better. I think the combination of wooden docks and new technology looks great on a desk, so I’ll have to look into getting something like this.

    1. The apple watch holder is also my favourite. Just looks very classy. My hubby is a passionate woodworker and i’d love for him to surprise me with a gift like that 🙂

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