10 Father’s Day Gifts For Geeky Dads in 2019

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Don’t forget, Father’s Day in June 16 in the United States. If you need Father’s Day gifts for your technically-inclined father, check out these selections.

father's day gifts apple tech 2019 construction toy

While the Mola Structural Kit is less a technology product and more of a construction toy, it’s likely to appeal to the types of Dads that also enjoy Apple products. It’s a great way to while away some time while he reflects on the affection of his loving children.

Air Pix

father's day gift apple tech 2019 air pix photography drone

The Air Pix is a pocket-sized quadcopter drone built for photography. With a built-in 12 megapixel camera and four fans, it’s capable of zipping around quickly and adroitly. It can follow you or loiter over a point, helping you get drone photos on the fly.

Copy and Paste Shirt Pair

If you want to give a cute gift that Dad can wear with the little one, consider these copy and paste shirts, made to be worn by father and son together. It even has the Mac-specific shortcut keys.

Circuit Board Keychains

father's day gift apple tech 2019 circuit board

Made from recycled devices, these circuit board keychains are a fun addition to the technically-included father’s keyring. You’ll find many shapes and customization options available upon ordering, so that you might tailor the product to your own father’s specific interests.

“I Am Your Father” Shirt

father's day gift apple tech 2019

This funny t-shirt calls back to the best known moments in movie history and makes a cute joke while it’s there.

Circuit Board Coasters

These circuit board coasters can keep the tabletop clean while sharing your style. Made from real recycled circuit boards.

Leather Tech Organizer and Pouch

father's day gift apple tech 2019 tech organizer

The tech organizer fits iPads, iPhones, and other tech accessories. You can even stick a smaller MacBook Air in there, if you’re careful. It’s a handsome accessory to carry your brushed metal computing devices.

Custom Real Viewer

If you remember the ViewMaster, you’ll immediately recognize this custom reel viewer. You select a collection of special pictures: then, they’re printed as transparencies, which can be viewed through the reel viewer with rear illumination. The stereoscopic display creates the illusion of depth in the images, much like a magic eye poster that works every time.

Wood and Resin Phone Case

father's day gift apple tech 2019 phone case

Combining the natural with the artificial, each case is uniquely beautiful in a practical, utilitarian sense. The cases are available for iPhone X-series devices, as well as earlier iPhones.

Pivo Auto-tracking Phone Holder

father's day gift apple tech 2019

Like a tripod, the Pivo holds your phone for you. It also includes a rotating motor in its base. This allows the Pivo’s top to rotate, panning your camera. This allows the Pivo to track you in frame or produce stunning time-lapse videos. The creative opportunities abound.

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