WWDC 2009 LIVE Discussion!


  1. Welcome back Michael!

  2. Hooray! He’s not dead!

  3. Wow! Great! Welcome back!

  4. Great to se eyou back again Michael

  5. Really it sucks that you stopped posting since April without a word about it and just popped in for the WWDC probably just to justify your press card there.

    I read you said that you might pass the blog on to someone else when you find the time. I guess by then most readers, like me today, who have decided to stop “reading” it.

    So sayonara and I least I had the courtesy to say it even if you obviously coud not care less


  7. Hey! what’s up since Jun 8, 2009 ? Is the Apple Gazette still alive?

  8. Applegazette sucks balls and so do u MICHAEL!

  9. Cool site, love the info.

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