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Ever sat around with a bunch of friends and said, “Hey, what would you do if you had $1 million right now?” Then everyone says they’d buy this car, or this house, and then one jerk says something stupid like “cure cancer,” so you kick him out of the room and make fun of his mom for the next hour. Ever done that?

Well if not, here’s your chance. Apple is counting down to 10 billion songs sold on iTunes, and they’re giving away a $10,000 iTunes gift card to celebrate. From iTunes:

This is one huge milestone for music. Help iTunes reach 10 billion song downloads and you could win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. Browse this selection of the most popular songs, as determined by iTunes customers. Purchase music from these bestselling artists – or download any song on iTunes – and you could be the winner.

At first, I read this to mean that you had to download one of the most downloaded iTunes songs of all time to qualify, but upon further examination, I think this means that you just have to buy a song on iTunes and you’re in the contest. I’m not sure if videos, apps or movies count, but that’s the official word from Apple, so decipher it for yourself.

As for me, what would I do with a $10,000 iTunes gift card? Cure cancer, of course.

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