What Time is the Keynote again? I mean for me, locally…


For those of you that may have issues doing the math on exactly WHEN 10:00 am PST is in your local area…here’s a breakdown.

10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
1:00PM – Eastern
5:00PM – GMT
6:00PM – London
7:00PM – Paris
2:00AM – Tokyo (June 12th)

You can follow the Keynote in our Live Coverage area…


  1. Thanks for that. Aw heck, I guess that means I’m lazier than I thought.

  2. That’s what the World Clock dashboard widget is for… Keynotes;-)

    Thanks anyway Michael.

  3. You have GMT and London as different times. GMT means Greenwich Mean Time; Greenwich is in London!!

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