No Apple Gazette Daily Today…because I’m an idiot

ag_daily_logo.jpgI’ve been having a bad day. I’ve misspelled half a dozen things, forgotten half a dozen more, and have just been having a generally crappy time with everything I have tried to do.

For example, I recorded the podcast around 1pm CST…then I forgot to upload it. Now I’m away from my Macbook Pro, and I won’t be able to upload it until late tonight/early tomorrow…

So…I’m sorry…I’m an idiot. I have no idea what is wrong with me…you’ll probably be getting two episodes of Apple Gazette Daily tomorrow.



  1. Thw Wizard says

    So that’s why I have missed an episode yesterday. I thought my ipod/iTunes were messed up somehow. Well, Michael, I forgive you and I will be waiting for your next 2 episodes hopefully tonight.

    Take care and good work.

  2. Thw Wizard says

    By the way, the 1,2,3,… thing for the comments is a killer feature for your new website.



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